May 7, 2013

Pattern | April Showers Spa Cloth

For your convenience, this pattern is now available as a free PDF download (click here). The directions below are accurate, but the PDF includes three sizes (SML) along with tips and hints useful to newer knitters.

Six short days from today, families throughout the US will celebrate Mother’s Day.

While I have every confidence you’re fully prepared for the occasion, it's possible one or two of you might be seeking a last-minute gift. Are you looking for something fast and easy to knit? Something you can produce straight from stash? Something you can start and finish in an evening?

You've come to the right place. The April Showers spa cloth offers all those things, plus a bit more. It’s reversible, with simple two-stitch cables on one side and an attractive 2x2 rib on the other, all framed by a narrow garter border to prevent curling.
The classic elements make it ideally suited for everyone from mothers and grandmothers to babies and best friends. (Or even your favorite fella.) The design works well in a variety of yarn, from cotton and cotton blends to bamboo or linen. DK to worsted weights are ideal, or carry light weight yarns together for a customized look.

Enjoy yourself. Experiment. Create the look you want. It's sweet in soft pastels, cheerful in bright shades, or tailored in tweeds and neutrals.

The cable stitch is easy and does NOT require a cable needle, so the pattern is suitable for moderately experienced beginners. Here's what the cabled side looks like:
I’m a very slow knitter as you know, but even I can finish one in an evening. Start tonight and you’ll have an entire set of hand knit spa cloths ready by Mother’s Day  the perfect last-minute gift that looks anything but last minute.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m releasing the pattern today. It’s free (for now), on these conditions: The pattern has been test knit, but I hope you’ll let me know if you spot a problem or have a question. I also hope you’ll take a moment to share your feedback in the comments section.
Don’t forget to have fun, and while you’re at it, you might want to make a few for yourself as well. While you're thinking, take one last look. This is what the ribbed side looks like:

Finished size  |  Pre-blocking: 4 x 6+ inches; Post-blocking: 6.5 x 6.5+ inches
Yarn Used  |  Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep); Four Seasons (Classic Elite)
Weight  |  Worsted
Yardage Estimate  |  30-45 yards per cloth
Needles  |  US 7 (4.5 mm)
Gauge  |  Pre-blocking: 5+ sts per inch in pattern; Post-blocking: 4+ sts per inch in pattern
Note  |  Gauge is not critical

These following instructions include edge stitches to create an attractive chained edge.

Cast on 28 sts (knit CO works well).
Rows 1-4 | K1 tbl, k to last stitch, end sl 1 pwise wyif.

Execute the following sequence eight times:
Row 5  |  K1 tbl, k2, p2; *k2, p2*; end k2, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 6  |  K1 tbl, k4; *p2, k2*; end k2, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 7  |  K1 tbl, k2, p2; *k2 tog, leave sts on left needle, k first st again, slip both sts off needle, p2*; end k2, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 8  |  K1 tbl, k4; *p2, k2*; end k2, sl 1 pwise wyif.

Repeat row 5 once more before starting the top border.

Rows 9-11  |  K1 tbl, k to last stitch, end sl 1 pwise wyif.
BO purlwise.

Note the bottom border consists of the CO plus four garter stitch rows, while the top border consists of three garter stitch rows plus the BO.

Weave ends.
Steam or wet block to relax ribs and shape to desired dimensions.


Enjoy! Don’t forget to share your feedback. Meanwhile, I'm off to knit another, perhaps out of this lovely linen. What do you think?

See more yarny goodness over at Tami's Amis and Small Things.


  1. Pattern: yeah! Cloths: pretty! Linen yarn: lovely! Gotta run, have some knitting to do. And thank you.

  2. What wonderful wash cloths ~ perfect in those spring-time colors!

  3. Thanks for sharing! They are lovely. I'm pining the pattern!

    1. You're welcome, Amanda. Am looking forward to seeing yours soon.

  4. What a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing the patten. I love making washcloths - I call them my 'waiting for the water to boil' project as I when I'm making one I keep it next to the stove to pick up and put down whilst cooking.

    1. I love making them, too, Emma. After experimenting with this stitch last fall, I started making dish, face and spa cloths to test it - and haven't stopped knitting them since. They're addictive, aren't they?!

  5. What a great share! Love the colors you chose, too :)

  6. Can't wait to get started. Thank you. Love your blog, and can't wait for next post!

    1. How nice, Knitsknots - glad you like the blog and don't forget to come back and share your spa cloths.


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