Jan 18, 2012

Do You Mind if I Knit?

When I was a little girl, I used to take a book with me nearly everywhere. That way, if the adults became boring, I could find a quiet corner and read, which was something I found infinitely interesting.

Today, I'm more likely to take a portable knitting project. That way, if the adults become boring (and I include myself in that), I can knit, which is something I find infinitely interesting.

Through the years, I've discovered most folks aren't offended if you ask, "Do you mind if I knit?" On the other hand, they sometimes get quite prickly if you interrupt their story or stop yourself in the middle of your own long tale to ask, "Do you mind if I read?"

Which brings me to this point. In her review of some long-forgotten play, Dorothy Parker wrote this pithy, memorable assessment: If you don't knit, bring a book.

Excellent advice, don't you think?

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