Aug 21, 2016

FO | Tikkyn Rainbow

What can I say? 

It appears I've traded my blue streak for a succession of rainbows. Last week, Angletyn was in the spotlight, and today, Tikkyn has claimed center stage.

In contrast to Angletyn with its bold chevrons, Tikkyn takes a more traditional approach. It features color blocks worked in a mix of gem and muted tones, similar to those shown in 7 Cheerful Rainbow Color Combos

The very easy slip stitch creates a textured fabric with two different but very attractive sides. On the front, creamy stitches highlight contrasting dots, while on the back, colorful chain-like stitches are lightly woven with cream.

The color blocks stair-step diagonally from left to right across the front, and the butter yellow and provincial rose provide warm pops of color that contrast nicely with the cool teal, blue and purple.

For now, I'm sharing photos of the finished project unblocked and fresh off the needles. When it's properly blocked, I'll strive to get better images, but until that happens, we can make due, right?

Tikkyn Rainbow
Pattern: In development
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep)
Needles: US 8 (5 mm); US 9 (5.5 mm)
Size: Medium (lapghan)
Dimensions: 32 x 42 ins
Yardage: 970 yards (approx.)

Worked in Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% wool), this fabric has a pleasing drape, light but substantive feel, and true four-season versatility. 

From start to finish, this project took three months. In terms of real knitting time, we could easily cut that in half, since I was juggling multiple WIPs (Angletyn Vivid, Christmas Trees, Tikkyn, and Lucben Rose, a project you've not yet seen).

This version was such an enjoyable project, I'm eager to cast on another, Meanwhile, the back-to-back string of multicolored knits has generated lots of leftovers and partial skeins. To put them to good use, I'm working on several new concepts, which can only mean one thing. 

There are definitely more rainbows on the horizon.

PS: Some of you have inquired about the pattern. It's in development now and almost ready for the tech editor.

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Aug 14, 2016

FO | Angletyn Rainbow

From the beginning, I've been eager to make two versions of Angletyn: One worked in vivid shades set against black, and one in cheerful rainbow colors with cream.

While we were talking about other things, I've been quietly working on this project in the background. It turned out to be just the speedy knit I needed even with multiple projects competing for time and attention. I cast on in July and wove the last ends five weeks later. The bulky yarn and frequent color changes kept things moving at a satisfying pace, which is always motivating.

I fully intended to make broad stripes to illustrate that design option, but changed my mind midstream (one of the many advantages of this design). Yarn can yammer quite loudly, and this vocal bunch demanded rainbow chevrons in plain stockinette, so that was that. Sometimes the yarn wants what the yarn wants.

Each chevron was scaled to use about 100 yards to make the most of the yarn, which worked perfectly. The strip strategy kept the project compact and manageable even in the sweltering heat and humidity. The compact strips also made it possible to quickly work a few rows, even on days when there was little time for knitting.

The finished afghan is light, soft and cozy, and the rainbow colors are happy and inviting. When cold winter winds are blowing and the skies are grey, these qualities are sure to make this afghan a household favorite.

Here, it's fresh off the needles and still unblocked. Post-blocking I'll try to get better shots, but in the meantime, these will have to suffice. If you look at them just right, the afghan appears to be draped over a form, but actually it's laying flat. The dimensionality is an optical illusion created by the chevron design.

Angletyn Afghan
Yarn: Superwash Bulky (Valley Yarns)
Needles: US 11 (8 mm); US 15 (10 mm)
Size: Small (28 ins x 36 ins)
Yardage: 600 yards (approx.)

With multiple projects already on the needles, I need to finish a few things before I cast on another Angletyn, but that hasn't kept me from rummaging through the stash and pondering possibilities.

For instance, I've been playing with the idea of very narrow chevrons for an over-sized Missoni feel. On one hand, it could be a striking, effective way to use up leftovers and partial skeins. On the other hand, it could be so visually busy, it might resemble a mega-mess rather than a mega-Missoni. (I see some swatching in my future.)

Meanwhile, the best insights, as the Yarn Harlot says, often come from you, the readers, so let me know what you think. Is this idea worth pursuing or should I come up with a different strategy?

To buy the pattern, click here.
To learn more about this design, see Pattern | Angletyn Afghan.
To see a different version, go to FO | Angletyn Vivid.
To view rainbow color schemes, see 7 Cheerful Rainbow Color Combos.

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Aug 7, 2016

Pattern | Angletyn Afghan

With wide bands of color and large scale chevrons, Angletyn makes a striking statement. 

Versatile and completely unisex, this fast, easy afghan is all about angles and color. As an added plus, a few simple adaptations produce jaunty, slanted stripes, so the directions for both versions (chevrons and stripes) are included.

The simple crossed stitch produces a subtle texture on the front and plush texture on the back, and colorwork is a cinch, because only one color is worked on a row.

In addition, strip construction means Angletyn is comfortable to work in any season, compact for knitting on the go, and a breeze to seam.

A speedy, satisfying knit, Angletyn delivers on every front. The:

  • Crossed stockinette stitch is easy to execute and produces a subtle texture on the front and a plush texture on the back.
  • Colorwork is a cinch and both versions are equally easy, because only one color is worked on a row.
  • Strip construction keeps your project compact and portable, so you can work on it anytime and anywhere without the weight of a blanket on your lap or needles. 
  • Seaming method uses a simple variation on a three-needle bind off, so assembly goes quickly and smoothly.
  • Pattern is simple enough for any moderately experienced beginner. Concise but complete, it includes a basic schematic along with directions, stitch counts, yardage and dimensions for three sizes.
  • Yarn is bulky weight or the multi-strand equivalent, so your project grows quickly.
  • Unisex design suits everyone young or old, so have fun and experiment with different color combinations, yarn textures and strip arrangements. 

It's your choice: You can work the pattern as written, or tailor it to your tastes using the included tips, tricks and easy modifications. The handy Quick Reference guide provides detailed yardage estimates, so customization is easy.

Just change the colors and you can make Angletyn for every person on your knitting list from little ones to beloved grandparents. Try soft shades for babies, rainbow hues for kids, school colors for teens and college students, harvest hues for guys, or rich jewel tones for family and friends.

Angletyn | Fast & Easy Afghan

Skill Level 2: Easy
Yarn: Bulky; adapts to any weight and multi-stranding
Shown: Korall (Laines du Nord), Torino Bulky (Tahki), Superwash Bulky (Valley Yarns)
Needles: US 11 (8 mm)
Sizes: SML (baby, lapghan, throw)
Yardage (approx.): 710 (S), 900 (M), 1160 (L)

The pattern includes three sizes and instructions for wide, medium and narrow chevrons and stripes. With bulky weight yarn, your project grows at a swift pace, but the pattern readily adapts to any yarn weight and multi-stranding.

The end result is a design that's so fast, easy and versatile, you may find yourself making it over and over again for family, friends and loved ones.

Whether you're ready to cast on today or planning ahead for future projects, you can buy the Angletyn pattern 
and view the Ravelry description here. (Remember, you don't have to be a Ravelry member to buy patterns.)

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