Jul 19, 2017

Swatch Stories: The Search Continues

The Valere pattern is almost ready for release and Herlacyn Heatwave is perking along in the background, Meanwhile, I'm diligently experimenting with stitch patterns destined for a fun, colorful afghan design I'm itching to cast on.

In a perfect world, said stitch would be fast, easy and reversible (of course!), have an interesting texture, and be attractive in both one- and two-color applications. I want this to be a quick knit, so I'm planning to use bulky yarn. This adds an interesting fillip, because not all stitches hold up well when worked in heavier weight yarns.

These photos leave a lot to be desired, but you get the gist. As you can see, I've worked my way through quite a few options, and while several have potential, I've not yet found the one that clearly says, I'm the one.

While the search for the right stitch continues, I'd value your feedback. Try to look past the wobbly edges and curling borders (these things can be fixed) and focus on the stitches themselves. If you spot one that catches your fancy, let me know.

If all goes as planned, Valere will be released on Sunday, so mark your calendar and take advantage of the substantial savings!

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Jul 16, 2017

Angles Are Attitude

From a dashing hat worn at a slant to knit items worked in triangles and diamonds, there's something jaunty and appealing about angles. That may explain why lately I've been captivated by this quote:
Cock your hat, angles are attitude. ~Frank Sinatra
Once I started thinking about it, I began seeing angles in some way, shape or form in a slew of projects past, present and in the planning pipeline. 

On the accessory front, for example, there's Alaris, which features four diamond panels and can be worn multiple ways.

Dojeling, on the other hand, combines triangular wings with a center diamond panel for a classic triangle shawl worked in an easy but non-traditional manner.  
Then there's the Grey Daze wrap, with its off-kilter kite and angular wing shapes, which produces a longer, more shallow triangular profile that's versatile and easy to wear.

Angles abound in afghan world, as well. Angletyn, for instance, features a series of classic chevrons writ large ...

while Flashpoint is composed of over-sized triangular components accentuated by raised seams and trim.

With its bright, cheerful rainbow shades, Valere sports a parade of triangles that resemble colorful banners ready to wave in the next breeze.

Then of course there's Herlacyn Heatwave, my current afghan WIP, which uses a series of diamonds and triangles to create a modern take on the classic harlequin design.

With so many angular projects in use or underway, you'd think I'd be over this obsession, but subtle and sweet or bright and bold, it's hard to argue with Frank. Angles do indeed have attitude, which is precisely what makes them both fascinating and fun.

Looking for the patterns? Valere, with its cheerful rainbow banners, will be released soon, and Herlacyn and the Grey Daze shawl are in development. To see all available patterns, click here.

Jul 12, 2017

WIP | Heatwave is Growing

We've experienced a few hotspells this summer, but so far nothing on the weather front has come close to a true heatwave. The same can't be said on the knitting front, where my Herlacyn Heatwave is coming along slowly but steadily. 

The last time you saw it, the first strip was less than half completed:

Since then, that strip has been finished. I know, I know. It doesn't look like much yet, but so far I'm pleased with how it's shaping up. From experience, I know blocking will cure the curl, relax the stitches and smooth out the wayward bumps.

Overall, the colors are also playing well together and the black background helps them pop, but there have been a few surprises. The original scheme included a partial skein of Cherry Moon (bright pink below), which turned out to be just a few yards short of what I needed. Because I wasn't in the mood for yarn chicken, I set Herlacyn aside, ordered more yarn and waited for it to arrive.
I get antsy if I don't have something on the needles, so while I waited, I made swatches for upcoming projects and the ombres and gradients series. Now the new yarn is in hand, strip two is on the needles and I'm back on track. (No photos yet, it's too gray and overcast to get a decent shot.)

A real heatwave saps strength and makes everyone generally miserable. The cheerful colors in my knitterly version, on the other hand, consistently make me smile. so I'm happy to say this particular heatwave is growing.

Looking for the pattern? Herlacyn is in development and the upbeat rainbow Valere is nearly ready for release.

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