Mar 11, 2018


Where active works in progress are concerned, every knitter has their own tolerance level. My magic number is three WIPs consisting of one large, one medium and one small project. 

And therein lies the problem.

I have one afghan in the finishing stages and another about 40% complete. That takes care of the large project requirement, but it means I'm actively searching for something in the mid- to small-scale range. Or both.

With that in mind, I decided to rummage through the stash and see what surfaced. For some reason, three variegated skeins caught my eye. The first one features a lovely mix of plums and reds, offering lots of opportunities to put various shades of burgundy, red, rose and purple to good use.
The second one incorporates varied blues, teals and greens, which means it coordinates beautifully with solid yarns in similar colors.
The third one sports numerous shades of grey, which offers countless opportunities to either stay neutral or spark it up with a rich splash of color.

These variegated yarns are relatively recent stash enhancements. Each skein contains more than 400 yards of goodness that includes extra-fine merino and cashmere, two fibers that are very difficult to resist. Add in the long color shifts and the range of possibilities they bring to the stashbusting party, and they might well be the perfect mixers.

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Mar 4, 2018

FO | The Thinking Cap Works

A series of non-knitterly things are demanding an extraordinary amount of time and energy, but I wanted to share an update on the Thinking Cap. 

It's done, and as simple as it is, it's delivering on every front. Soft, stretchy, light but warm, it features one of my favorite slipped rib stitches (Kintra Mitts). Worsted weight yarn meant it knit up quickly, and the simple five stage gradient worked in a mirror pattern (front: black to cream, back: cream to black) allowed me to use up leftovers from previous projects.

Kintra Thinking Cap
Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Amherst (Valley Yarns)
Needles: US 10 (5 mm)
Yardage: ~135 yards
Size: L (21-22 ins 

I opted for a neutral combo sparked with a touch of burgundy red. As a result, the Thinking Cap coordinates with my Grey Daze shawl ...

and Grey Daze mitts, especially since I typically wear these pieces with a black turtleneck or cardigan.

It also works beautifully with my Dojeling Wineberry kerchief, which because it's so light and adaptable is still one of my all-time favorite accessories, .

The Thinking Cap delivered on the intangible front as well. As you know, I started this quick knit because I was wrestling with different project and WIP options, and wanted to keep busy while I sorted out things. It did its job, and as soon as the cap was off the needles and trimmed, I devoted some much needed attention to the Herlacyn afghan, which has been patiently waiting in the wings.

Who knew a simple little thinking cap would work so well?

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Feb 25, 2018

Thinking Cap

Now that the bulky red hat is finished (granted, there are still some ends to weave), it's time to make some decisions.

The almost-but-still-not-quite-done Herlacyn afghan is one of two active projects on the needles. All it needs are the final edging and the last few ends woven, so the obvious choice is to buckle down, do the edging and turn this lingering WIP into an FO.

The second most obvious choice is to tackle the next strip in my plush rainbow afghan. While I've chatted about other things, I've been quietly working this in the background, and as a result, three out of five strips are done. It's been too grey and overcast to take pictures, so this is the most current shot available:

But why go with the obvious when one can indulge in some knitterly angst? Perhaps I should cast on the soft, simple gradient shawl, the one I've been spent so much time swatching and longing for. 

Or, I could succumb to the overwhelming temptation to whip up a quick pair of fingerless mitts in bulky red yarn to coordinate with my cheery red hat.

All of these are logical options, but somehow, in a moment of distraction, a completely different project crept onto the needles. 

It's another fast and easy hat, literally a "thinking cap," since I might as well keep my hands busy knitting while I figure out which project to tackle next. 

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