Dec 12, 2019

Pattern | Healdan Scarf

Longing for a dashing scarf that’s fast, easy and reversible? This design offers that and more. Healdan, an Old English word meaning to care for or protect, is a versatile unisex design suitable for folks of all ages.

Slipped stitches create an attractive fabric with fluted columns on one side and fluted ribs on the other. The stitch is easy to execute, knits quickly and is appealing in one color or many.

Go classic with a single solid or tonal yarn, work a subtle two-tone weave, or craft a custom gradient, ombre or fade. No matter what option you choose, the colorwork is easy, because only one color is worked on a row.

The pattern is written for sock/fingering weight or lace weight held double, but it readily adapts to any yarn weight or fiber. As an added plus, it includes directions for three lengths (48, 60, 72 ins), three widths (4, 6, 8 ins), and five color strategies ranging from a solid and two-tone weave to different gradient effects. Work it as written or use the handy Quick Reference guide, stitch chart, tips, tricks and easy modifications to tailor your project to suit your tastes.
Healdan Scarf | Fast, Easy & Reversible 
Skill Level 2: Easy
Yarn: Sock/fingering or lace weight held double
Needles: US 8 (5 mm), US 9 (5.5 mm) or whatever size works for you
Sizes: Three lengths (48, 60, 72 ins) and three widths (4, 6, 8 ins)
Yardage (approx.): 240 to 645 yards (fingering); 480 to 1290 yards (lace weight held double)

With Healdan, the:

  • Slipped stitch is extremely easy to execute, equally easy to memorize, and it produces a a lovely fabric that's fully reversible.
  • Flat construction keeps your project compact and portable, so you can work it on the go.
  • Colorwork is easy, because only one color is worked on a row.
  • Five color strategies help you tailor each scarf to your tastes or those of the recipient.
  • Pattern is simple enough for any moderately experienced beginner. It's concise but complete, with written directions, stitch chart, stitch counts, yardage and dimensions for each size.
  • Yarn choice is completely up to you. The pattern is written for sock/fingering weight or lace weight held double, but it readily adapts to other weights and multi-stranding.
  • Design is versatile and unisex, suitable for all ages, and can be worked in different yarns and countless combinations. 

The only limitation is your imagination. Create a timeless look with muted neutrals, or go bold with brights, classic with gem tones, or whimsical with rainbow hues. Add a lush touch with luxury yarn, texture with a rustic tweed, or a trendy feel with speckled yarns. Simplify your color choices by indulging in a gradient or ombre mini-skein collection, or craft your own. 

For dramatic impact with minimal fuss, try a slow-change gradient or rainbow yarn. To tone down pooling, pair a busy variegated with a closely related solid, or add a touch of glam by combining glitter or metallic yarn with a contrasting solid.

If you're feeling brave and want to quickly work up a last-minute holiday gift, substitute a heavier yarn weight or multi-strand lighter weight yarns and use larger needles. Fast, easy and fully reversible, Healdan is suited to any knitter who can cast on, knit, k2tog, ktbl, purl, slip stitches and bind off.

To view the Ravelry description and purchase the Healdan scarf pattern, click here. (And don't forget, you don't have to be a Ravelry member to buy patterns.)

Happy holidays and happy knitting! 

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