Jan 11, 2015

FO | Dojeling Blackberry Shawl

Because I'm a slow knitter, I'm pleased with how quickly (relatively speaking) the Dojeling Blackberry shawl moved from WIP to FO. Earlier this week, I finished it, just in time to welcome the latest swath of snow, wind and cold that swept through this region, and I've worn it every day since the last stitch was bound off.

As hoped, it's the perfect size and weight to add a light but welcome layer of warmth to combat frigid temperatures. In fact, I wore it around the house for days in its "hot off the needles" state with stitch markers in place and unwoven ends dangling. (What can I say? It was cold, so I was easily seduced by how soft and cozy it was.)

By the end of the week, I'd managed to take it off long enough to weave the ends and do a fast, light blocking to ease the yarn and the stitch. There's plenty of give in the yarn, so I could block it more aggressively, but I'm happy with the size as is.

Yarns: Tajmahal (Lane Cervinia, GGH); Happy Feet (Plymouth)
Yardage: 600 yards (+/-)
Weight: Sport/fingering
Needle: US 8 (5 mm)
Dimensions: 70 x 28 ins (+/-) 

Tajmahal (black) is a luxurious blend of merino, silk and cashmere. At first it seemed odd to pair primo yarn with the nice but rather pedestrian Happy Feet (variegated), but the atypical combination helped move yarn out of stash and into productive use. 

So far, I'm delighted with the result. Blackberry is soft and cozy, large enough to wear as a shawl but light enough to scrunch into folds for an over-sized cowl or scarf. It's also reversible, so it's easy to grab, wrap and go. 

I've already staked my claim to this one, but if I were making a friendship shawl or nursing shawl for a new mother, this is the size I'd make. For a new mom, I'd substitute a light washable wool or blend for easy care convenience.

Blackberry features the same construction as the Oyster Bay shawl and Wineberry wrap, but the contrast between the deep black and the variegated red-pink-purple is a bit more dramatic. I also like how in the right light you can sometimes see a soft shimmer of silk coming from the Tajmahal yarn (70% merino, 22% silk, 8% cashmere).

In spite of the fact that I've worn shawls for decades, it took me awhile to begin knitting my own. When they're as warm and wearable as this one has already proved to be, I'm discovering what you've known all along: They're versatile, quick to knit and a wonderful wardrobe staple, a combination that's difficult to resist.

The Dojeling Shawl pattern has been released!


  1. Beautiful colors! I love its geometrical construction.

  2. It's gorgeous, I love the colours. Hopefully it will be just the thing to keep you cosy through the winter.

  3. I love the colors, too. I have been wearing a wrap that I crocheted a couple of years ago around the house in this cold weather, too. Great hob on the pattern!

  4. This is lovely! I love how the colors meet in the middle. It would be really fun to experiment with different colors with this pattern.

  5. great combination - I really like how it works together! I'm a big shawl lover and I would wear one every day - if it was cold enough around here (or if I went out of my place - I'm currently stuck home studying for the exams :P ) ...

  6. Great colour choices!! I love it.

  7. It's gorgeous! I love the colours you've chosen and the way they combine in the middle

  8. What a great shawl. It must be perfect to cause you to wear it continuously. Those are the best kind of knits.

  9. Beautiful and so dramatic! Using lightweight yarns for shawls I think is what makes them so versatile. Congrats on a great pattern.

  10. Wow, I love it! Fantastic use of colour.

  11. what a great shawl! I love the color blocks.

  12. Do you share your patterns? This one is outstanding!

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it. The pattern is currently being test knit.


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