Jul 20, 2014

FO | Drumlin Afghan (Bright)

Of the three Drumlin afghans I've completed so far, the Bright version is my favorite.

Why? It's colorful, fresh and new, so it’s nearest and dearest to my heart. This week, that is. We all know how fickle I can be.

Like all my recent afghans, this was fast, easy and featured the essentials: Strip construction. Solely from stash. Reversible.

The fluted ridge stitch is the same on both sides, although in person there are subtle differences created by the alternating bands of light and dark yarns. In the photo above, the top portion of the afghan is folded over so you can see the reverse side of the stitch. (If you're in the mood for comparisons, take a look at the solid colored stitch in Drumlin Neutral and Drumlin Gemtones.)

Drumlin Bright is composed of four strips and each strip consists of two shades from the same color family. This strategy allowed me to use eight partial skeins and the contrasting trim brought the partial-skein total to nine. 

I had planned to spare you the obligatory shots of the assembly phase, but the photos above and below help show how vibrant the colors are. (Yep, there's a reason it's called "Bright.")

Drumlin Reversible Afghan
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep)
Weight: Worsted
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm) and US 9 (5.5 mm)
Sizes: SML (baby-lapghan-throw)
Ravelry Notes: Here
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Meanwhile, my afghan addiction continues unabated. 

I’ve begun swatching for another, and knowing me, I’m sure I’ll be unable to resist telling you all about it soon. I think it will feature another slip stitch, one that's fascinated me for years. It creates two very distinctive looks and since I find both sides attractive, it meets my criteria for reversibility.

If all goes as planned, the new afghan will feature a mix of warm, earthy neutrals. It will use up another 900 to 1000 yards of stash. It will also reduce the supply of Cotton Fleece (my go-to yarn) to scraps and remainders, a prospect I still find a bit unsettling.

The Drumlin Reversible Afghan pattern is now available. To read the description and buy the pattern, click here. (Remember, you can purchase patterns through Ravelry even if you're not a member.)


  1. Agreed! Of the afghans you've shared here, this is my new fave too ... but don't hold me to that, I can be fickle too ; )

  2. Oooh, another winner for certain. <3

  3. oh wow, this is just beautiful and I love how it is constructed

  4. Really like these colours together, very Summery!

  5. Oh the construction of the afghan looks really interesting and complicated - these are my favourite colours you have used so far!

  6. with your remaining scraps in stash you can make a random knitted scrap blanket. I do that with my small scrap pieces except I crochet it.

  7. what a fun project!! love it!

  8. Very nice colors!

  9. Stunning such a delightful colour combination. I love it.

  10. Incredibly beautiful--you make it look so easy. (I'm a beginning knitter!) Thanks for sharing. Aloha, Lori (visiting from KCCO)

  11. Your afghans are always so pretty.

  12. It's lovely - gorgeous colours.

  13. Hello

    Your afghan is beautiful!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.

  14. Pretty! I like Cotton Fleece, too.

  15. I've really been enjoying your progress on these. Did you pick up sts and do a three needle bind off to join them?

  16. Stunning, what a clever construction such a portable project


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