Dec 20, 2015

FO | Wineberry Mitts

Kay, the NYC member of the Mason-Dixon Knitting duo, recently said she had a theory that "fingerless mitts only exist because knitters like to make them."

She could be right, although I'd suggest we also make mitts because we love to wear them, and once we discover how useful they are, we can't resist making some for those around us.

I have no idea who devised the first fingerless mitts, but I always imagine a knitter in the Scottish Isles whipping up a quick pair to keep her hands warm and nimble while she worked a delicate shawl or intricate Fair Isle sweater. When other knitters saw this clever and effective solution, they started making mitts for themselves as well as their families and friends.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying I took a break from Christmas items to make more mitts. Plush, soft and warm, they coordinate with my Wineberry wrap and Blackberry shawl, and alone or in combination these pieces add the perfect pop of color to my basic black winter wardrobe.

Wineberry Mitts
Pattern: In development
Yarn: Charlemont (Valley Yarns); Happy Feet (Plymouth)
Yardage: ~200 yards (double-stranded)
Weight: Fingering/sock
Needle: US 8 (5 mm)
Size: M

My quick detour into mitt-land was fun but non-essential, so Christmas morning you might find me weaving the last ends on a few gifts.

I'm okay with that. Why? When it's time to gather with the rest of the family, I can sally forth with confidence because my hand knit accessories are ready. (Priorities, right?!)

Now, I'd better run, because I have several more gift knits to finish. Onward!

May your holidays be filled with peace, joy and the warmth of family, friends and soft, cozy fiber!


  1. Such a beautiful, rich color! I love your mitts. Thanks for sharing them with the Knitting Love Link Party.

  2. They look great, very cosy :) I wear fingerless mitts all the time during the Winter

  3. so pretty! I'm just now making my first pair of fingerless mitts..and loving it :)

  4. I agree but when people see how useful they are, they understand! I have a lady in France that gets me to make them for her! Love yours.

  5. And to you too! They look wonderfully warm just perfect for keeping your hands toasty to finish the Christmas knitting!

  6. They look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've never made a single pair of fingerless mitts :) Yours look lovely!

  8. A interesting theory about the Scottish isles- that just could well be ;)
    Love the colour of your project!

  9. I find them addicting to make, and a fun way to show off gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn that's too pretty to hide in your shoes!

  10. I love those knits. That is a very pretty yarn.

  11. I adore fingerless mitts...and have many pairs..

  12. I like that idea! They do solve the cold hands problem well whilst still being able to craft :)


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