Dec 13, 2015

Countdown to Christmas

Where did the time go?

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas always whiz by at top speed, but this year, they're passing at an accelerated rate. Some years, I'm on top of things and have most major holiday tasks completed shortly after Thanksgiving. On a few occasions, I've actually had everything except last-minute preparations completed by mid-November, which made the build up to the holidays especially relaxed and enjoyable.

Not this year. In spite of my best efforts, I'm behind.

If you're in the same boat but still hope to put a few more hand knits knits on or under the tree, these fast and easy projects may help:

Sweet Hearts & Soft Spots
Last year, I made a flurry of hearts and spots for my godkids and a few special friends. Each one received a special mug and color-coordinated coaster, and as simple as these gifts were, they were a genuine hit with cocoa, coffee and tea drinkers alike. They work up quickly, are easy to customize and allow you to leverage yarn from stash.

Owl Family
These fast and easy cloths are ideal for someone who loves owls, appreciates a touch of whimsy or is expecting a baby. They're fun, decorative, easy to customize, and perfect for partial skeins and leftovers. The examples below feature button eyes, but substitute embroidery or felt, and the baby owl would make a fun wash cloth for a young child.

This versatile pattern creates a reversible fabric that's lighter and more refined than garter stitch in three sizes ranging from small to large. Between now and Christmas, speedy knitters could whip out any size, while slower knitters like me might opt for the small kerchief or shawlette. The design accommodates a variety of yarn weights, fiber types and color strategies, so you can leverage lovely yarns from stash or your favorite LYS. The version below (Wineberry), pairs a solid burgundy with a colorful variegated yarn to create subtle tone-on-tone stripes.

I'll go out on a limb here and say with it's simple shape, bulky yarn and large needles, Flashpoint  is completely doable, especially if you're making a baby blanket or lapghan. The pattern accommodates virtually any yarn weight, so multi-stranding or super bulky yarn and larger needles would make things even speedier. Try rainbow shades for a child, jewel tones for a grandparent, blues or browns for your favorite guy, or neutrals for just about anyone.

I'm in full holiday knitting mode, so if I were a faster knitter, I'd be making the reversible Breidan afghan in alternating red and white strips. In combination, the cable twists and alternating colors would create something akin to a candy cane effect perfect for the holidays. Since I'm not a fast knitter, I'm resisting the urge, but if it's in your wheelhouse, go for it.

All these patterns qualify for the BYOB: Build Your Own Bundle holiday special. Buy one pattern at full price and save 15% on each additional purchase. And yes, previous purchases apply, so if you've met the minimum purchase, you're eligible for the savings. It's my way of celebrating the season and saying thank you.

Meanwhile, there are 12 days left in the countdown to Christmas. I have my backup plan in place, but since hope reigns eternal, at the moment I'm holding fast to my mantra: There's still time.

The Christmas Tree pattern has been released!

To buy it now, click here.
To read more about it, click here.


  1. Love the cloths! I need to get busy on some for myself.....

  2. what a great variety of gifts!!!

  3. So much prettiness! I love the wee owl faces :)


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