Sep 14, 2014

WIP | Warning Signs

It all started so innocently.

Last month, I cast on my very first shawl:

It was such a fast, fun and satisfying knit, the moment it was off the needles, I began rummaging through the stash seeking yarn for another.

Soon, this was on the needles:

It mixes alternating strands of fuchsia and bright pink Helen's Lace (Lorna's Laces) with variegated Happy Feet (Plymouth) fingering weight. While it has real possibilities, it wasn't quite the look I was after.

That version went on hold, so I could cast on this:

It features Richesse et Soie, a discontinued yarn so exquisite it may never actually get knit into anything. It's difficult to find a project worthy of this delicious blend (65% cashmere, 35% silk), but I'm a big fan of red paired with purple, so this version has genuine potential.

Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to stop. In a moment of distraction, I began this:

It alternates variegated Happy Feet with solid burgundy Charlemont (Valley Yarns) and it would be fair to say this combination is beginning to grow on me:

To the casual observer, these pictures look like innocuous WIPs or a simple case of startitis. But we know better, don't we? They're clear proof of another dangerous knitting addiction in the making.

They're warning signs ... which I've decided to ignore.

To see the FO, click here.
To learn more about or buy the pattern, click here.


  1. Beautiful yarn! I finished my first shawl last year, and I loved making it!

  2. lovely yarns. :) it looks great

  3. Beautiful colour combinations! Indulge the new addiction! ;)

  4. I LOVE this post. Fantastic! I am digging the red and purple one.

  5. Hehe, this is a fantastic post, I know exactly how you feel. I am resisting the urge to cast on a new sweater at the moment because I have fostered a new sweater addiction. Ack! Good luck <3

  6. Fab post and recognizable. Love all the yarns!

  7. I have the same addiction......shawls are so fun! Yours are just lovely!!

  8. Yep - it's addicting. Welcome to the club. They are all going to be beautiful!!

  9. I love all those color combinations. I may be starting my first shawl soon as I want to make a simple prayer shawl for a friend. I guess I am warned.

  10. This is a new addiction - love all the colours!

  11. So many cast-ons - love the colours
    Caz xx

  12. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects! I love the yarn.

  13. All your colors are great! I especially love the red/purple combo!

  14. Love the colors....can't wait to see it finished...

  15. You cast on all of those shawls? Did I read that right?

    1. Yes, you read it correctly. For better or worse, there are 3 versions on the needles ...


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