Dec 13, 2013

Pattern | Last-Minute Mitts

For your convenience, this pattern is now available as a free PDF download (click here). The directions below are accurate, but the PDF includes three sizes (SML) along with tips and tricks for easy modifications to help you make the most of yarn from stash.

While I have every confidence most of you are fully prepared for the holidays, it's possible one or perhaps two of you are seeking a last-minute gift.

Something fast and easy you can knit straight from stash. Something you can make from one lone skein. Something you can start and finish quickly. If that sounds appealing, you've come to the right place.

The Last-Minute Mitts offer all those things, plus a bit more. They're knit flat and seamed, so they fit on short double-pointed needles for maximum portability.

They’re reversible for added versatility. One side features simple two-stitch cables.

The other side features an attractive 2x2 rib.

The good news: These are super fast and super easy. More good news: The mitts shown here are hot off the needles and unblocked, because in this yarn, they simply didn’t need it.

The design suits a variety of yarns, but for the best results, choose something with a bit of natural stretch and spring. Worsted weights are ideal, but the stitch pattern works well in DK, sport and even sock yarn carried double.

The cable stitch is easy and does NOT require a cable needle, so this pattern is suitable for moderately experienced beginners. 

As you know, I’m a slow knitter, but even I can finish one mitt in an evening. Start tonight and you’ll have a pair of hand-knit mitts in an evening or two – the perfect last-minute, one-skein present.

In the spirit of the season, this is my gift to you. The pattern is free (for now) with a few minor conditions: It’s been test knit several times, but I’m counting on you to let me know if you spot a problem or have a question. I also hope you’ll take a moment to share your comments below, on Ravelry or both.


Finished size  |  One Size: 4.5 in. wide x 8 in. long; Fits palm circumference 6-8.5 in. (+/-)
Yarn Shown  |  Merino 2-Ply (Morehouse Farms)
Weight  |  DK / Worsted
Yardage Estimate  |  35-45 yards per mitt; 80-100 yards per pair (+/-)
Needles  |  US 8 (5.0 mm)
Gauge  |  5+ sts per inch in pattern (unstretched)
Ravelry | Project pages are herehere, here and here
Note  |  This stitch is stretchy and accommodating, so gauge is not crucial

These fingerless mitts are knit flat and seamed. The instructions include edge stitches that require no additional finishing and make seaming easier.
Cast on 30 sts, leaving a long tail for seaming. A stretchy CO works well, but use whatever CO suits you.
Work the following 8 times:
Row 1 | K1 tbl, p1; *k2, p2*; end k2, p1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 2 | K1 tbl, k1; *p2, k2*; end p2, k1, sl 1 pwise wyif.

Execute the following sequence 7 times:
Row 3  |  K1 tbl, p1; *k2, p2*; end k2, p1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 4  |  K1 tbl, k1; *p2, k2*; end p2, k1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 5  |  K1 tbl, p1; *k2 tog, leave sts on left needle, k first st again, slip both sts off needle, p2*; end k2 tog, leave sts on left needle, k first st again, slip both sts off needle, p1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 6  |  K1 tbl, k1; *p2, k2*; end p2, k1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
TOP RIBBED EDGE                        
Work the following 3 times:
Row 7 | K1 tbl, p1; *k2, p2*; end k2, p1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
Row 8 | K1 tbl, k1; *p2, k2*; end p2, k1, sl 1 pwise wyif.
BO in pattern, end k2tog tbl. Leave a long tail for seaming.

Decide where you want the thumb opening to be.
Mark the top and bottom of the opening with stitch markers.
Using the bottom yarn tail, seam edges from the bottom up to the thumb opening.
Using the top yarn tail, seam edges from the top down to the thumb opening.
Weave ends.
Steam or wet block if desired.           

That's it. Your finished mitts will look like funny little knitted tubes, but its the lack of shaping that allows them to mold to your hand.

Dive into your stash and find a soft, cozy skein ... or perhaps two. Because while you’re at it, you might want to make a pair for yourself as well. Trust me: There's still time.

Thank you, Prochne. Rows 1, 3 and 7 had a typo which has been corrected. The sequence is: K1 tbl, p1; *k2, p2* (etc).


  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern! Off to rummage through the stash and see what I can find.

  2. These are great! Thank you!! I will be making these for my photographer friends and family. They find these very useful. Now, they can be stylish while taking photos.

    1. What a great idea! I know a few photographers ... hmmmn, might have to get busy and knit a few more pairs before Christmas.

  3. Hi there!! I pretty much just taught myself to knit 24 hours ago....I would really like these gorgeous mitts to be my first project, but I don't know/can't find what "tbl, wise,or wyif" mean. If someone could explain those or point me to where I can fi d them, I'd be ever so grateful!!

    1. Welcome, Anonymous. Quickly:
      - tbl = through back loop (stick the needle through the back of the loop rather than the front)
      - wise = put the needle into the stitch as if you were going to knit (knitwise or kwise) or purl (purlwise or pwise)
      - wyif = with yarn in front (move the yarn to the front of the work)

      Hope that helps. Good luck and just have fun with it.

    2. Thank you so much!! I'm still getting the lingo down...I usually crochet...but I have so many vintage pattern books with such beautiful knit work, I just had to learn!!

    3. Aren't you lucky, vintage books often have lovely patterns. Have fun, let us know how you progress.


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