Dec 18, 2013

WIP | Tree with Snow

Hope you're having a lovely week. This will be quick, because I'm in a real time crunch.

While there are several projects on the needles, it seemed appropriate to focus on this:

Right on both counts. The green piece is a Christmas tree and the white piece is (yet) another pair of Last-Minute Mitts (oops).

That's it: Tree with snow.

Don't forget: Yes, it's WIP Wednesday again, so visit Frontier DreamsSmall Things and Tami's Amis. 


  1. Charming! Looking forward to seeing more. Knitting that is, not snow. Have plenty of that already!

  2. Very nice, like your tree! As for the snow... no thank you:-) Good luck with the last minute knitting!

  3. Very sweet mitt pattern! Mitts are the perfect last-minute gift.


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