Oct 12, 2014

FO | Dojeling Wineberry Wrap

The other morning, I was working at the computer when I looked down and realized two things: It was the first full week of October, and I was already swathed head to toe in knits.

On my hands were a pair of Wyndfael Mitts:

This version of Drumlin was draped over my legs (pattern is here):

And my just-finished Wineberry wrap was draped around my neck:

(Not a great photo, but it captures the general idea.)

Yarns: Charlemont (Valley Yarns); Happy Feet (Plymouth)
Yardage: 250 yards (+/-)
Weight: Fingering
Needle: US 8 (5 mm)

This was a fast, easy knit, and the finished piece is light, soft and drapey, the ideal weight for this time of year. The wings are long enough to wrap twice and it's reversible, so it can be worn many ways.

As an added plus, the combination of red with splashes of purple make it the perfect grab-wrap-and-go accessory for my mostly neutral wardrobe. It features the same construction as the Oyster Bay shawl, but the look couldn’t be more different.


  1. What is the name of the pattern for the mitts?

    1. These are my Last-Minute Mitts. The pattern is free.

      The mitts were made using my Last-Minute Mitts pattern.

      The link has been added to the article or go here:

  2. Every time I click on your link I'm always blown away by your color choices (and your projects of course) They are absolutely gorgeous, each and every time!

  3. Beautiful knits - I so love the afghan, I never tire of seeing it!

  4. So many beautiful knits. It is too warm here right now. I am in short sleeves because it is in the 70's. I could use some fall weather right now.

  5. Very VERY lovely fingerless mitts. love the pattern and also the colour combination. Great job.


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