Dec 18, 2016

There's Still Time: Christmas Tree Ornaments & More

From gift tags and ornaments to holiday decorations and children's toys, this is the year of the Christmas Tree.

Since spring, I've been making them in various sizes, weights and configurations, for one simple reason: Last year they were snapped up like hotcakes, so this year I started much earlier. Many will go to family and friends, but I want to have enough in reserve to turn my home into a knitter's version of a holiday forest.

Here are some ways I hope to make that happen.

  • Hang a tree from each towel bar or hook.
  • Dangle them from cupboard and drawer handles.
  • Stitch two together to create a fun holiday bath mitt.
  • Work trees in different colors to make wash cloths for everyone in the family.
  • Use strands of yarn of varying lengths to suspend a single tree from each shower curtain hook.
  • Use large needles and a multi-strand approach to create a cushy holiday bath mat.

  • Stitch two trees together and add stuffing to make a holiday-themed toy stuffie.
  • Make a holiday nap-time pillow by seaming and stuffing two large trees.
  • Use soft cotton, make two, and stitch them together for a kid-size bath mitt.
  • String multiples on a cord to make a holiday garland for the bedroom wall.
  • Do the same, but hang the garland vertically to decorate a narrow window, door or wall.
  • Make a set, dangle them from rods, and create a mobile to hang over a child's bed.
  • Attach one to a short cord and attach it to the crown of a cap in lieu of a tassel or pompom.
  • Tack trees to fleece mittens, hats and scarves for an instant holiday touch.
  • Make a small tree and loop it over a strap on your kid's backpack.
  • Work trees in rainbow colors for year round use.

  • Use small trees as decorative gift tags.
  • Make wash cloths or bath mitts, then package them with special soaps as gift sets.
  • Work a tree mug mat to coordinate with a special mug and package them as a set.
  • Dangle a tiny tree from a purchased ornament for a special touch.
  • Tack together the lower portions of two trees to make a gift card holder.
  • Do the same to make a gift pouch for small items like earrings or knitting notions.
  • Make a coordinated gift set in sizes ranging from coasters to serving mats.
  • Spruce up a fleece afghan or throw with a handknit tree applique.
  • Do the same to add a custom touch to a fleece hat, hoodie or vest.
  • Connect two small trees with a cord to make a festive bookmark.
  • Make a cell phone case by seaming together the sides and bottoms of two trees.
  • Dangle trees from towel bars or hooks.
  • Attach them as appliques to kitchen towels.
  • Use durable cotton to make holiday dish cloths.
  • Stitch two together and make a dish scrubber mitt.
  • Hang them on the refrigerator with magnetic hooks.
  • Put a stack on the kitchen table to use as coasters or mug mats.
  • Stitch two together at the peak and bottom and use them as a towel ring.
  • Make mug mats and hang them at the ready on cup hooks or a mug stand.
  • Make tree placemats for each member of the family.

Holiday Table 
  • Make full-sized tree placemats for each place setting. 
  • Make a set of serving mats and hotpads for the table and buffet.
  • Attach trees as appliques to napkins, placemats or runners for your holiday table.
  • Pass the tree through the hanging loop and wrap it around a napkin as a napkin ring.
  • Put a tree coaster or mug mat at each place setting for guests to take with them.
  • Make two, add a layer of felt or batting, and seam together the trees for a soft hotpad.
  • Make two, insert a thin layer of cork, and seam together the trees for a sturdy hotpad.
  • Make five small trees and lay them in a circle with the tops pointing toward the center. Tack together the tree tops to form a circular mat.

Home Decoration 
  • Hang small trees as ornaments on your Christmas tree.
  • Make one of the large sizes and use it as an Advent tree.
  • Make tiny trees in different colors to mark each day of Advent.
  • Loop small trees over door, closet and cupboard knobs throughout your home.
  • Attach trees as appliques to afghans, throws, Christmas stockings and more.
  • String multiples on a cord to make a holiday garland for a window, door or wall.
  • Tack several to a wide ribbon or strip of felt and hang it on the front door.
  • Add jingle bells to your trees to turn your felt door hanger into a cheerful door ringer.
  • Attach one or more trees to a premade wreath wreath.
  • Make trees in fall colors to get a jumpstart on the season.
  • Dangle trees from ceiling fan chains.
  • Make tiny trees and suspend each one inside a clear glass ornament.
  • Make the XL size, add elastic bands, and slip it over a prefinished pillow as a holiday accent.
  • Tack two XL trees together at the points to create a slipcover to decorate both sides of a pillow. 
  • Tack a smaller tree to a larger one for an appealing dimensional applique.
  • Fill a basket with small trees, put it in the entryway, and give trees to visitors, carolers, etc.
  • Use large needles and a multi-strand approach to make a holiday mat for your dog or cat.
  • Make a decorative holiday pillow by lining, seaming and stuffing two large trees.
  • Put a tree inside a clear vase, pressed against the front then fill the vase with ornaments.
  • Mount trees in a shadow box for a quick holiday display.
  • Glue trees to thin sheets of cork trimmed to match the tree shape for water resistant coasters. 
  • Make small trees, stitch them, stuff them, then sew them end-to-end in the shape of a wreath.

Wearable Art 
  • Dangle a tiny tree from your key chain.
  • Loop one around the handle of your purse, knitting bag or briefcase.
  • String a small one on a cord to wear as a bracelet or necklace.
  • Glue tiny trees to flat buttons and use them on sweaters, hats or just about anything.
  • Glue a tiny tree to a tack-style jewelry back and wear it as a pin.
  • Attach trees as appliques to sweaters, jacket pockets, scarves, hats, mittens and more.
  • Make tiny trees and attach them to zipper pulls on hoodies, coats, boots and more.
  • Make an I-cord loop, attach a tree and use it as a scarf or shawl ring.
  • Lightly tack a tree to a sweater or jacket, then remove it when the holidays are over.

Full disclosure: I've tried a number of these ideas, but not all of them ... yet. Luckily, there's still time to make a few more trees before Christmas arrives, so we all know what I'll be knitting this week!

Meanwhile, I suspect I've only scratched the surface in terms of possible uses for trees in all their varied sizes. Whether you're making them or not, share your ideas and we'll add them to the list.


  1. Great list! I might loop one or more trees around the handle of my knitting basket or a small basket filled with ornaments :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Amy, I'm glad you like them!


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