Oct 6, 2014

WIP | Double Dose of Coffee

Few things are better on a gray and chilly morning than sipping a rich, dark cup of coffee while you sit by the kitchen window with a cozy afghan draped over your lap.
That’s exactly how my Sunday morning started.

Well, "exactly" might be an overstatement. 

There was a mug of coffee on the table and a coffee-colored afghan heaped in my lap. Overall, it was a very pleasant way to start the day.

The heap was deliberate and not the mindless result of early morning bleariness. As soon as the caffeine kicked in, I buckled down to weave ends.

Finishing isn't my strongest suit and Twegen is reversible, so I take extra care to make the work as invisible as possible on both the front and back. And yes, experience has taught me I need to be fresh, alert and fully caffeinated to come anywhere close to that goal.

A great deal is going on in non-knitting world. This means my finishing pace has been tortoise-like but progress has occurred. I'm in the home stretch and ready to tackle the last few wayward ends.

The timing couldn't be better. Nothing can compete with the crisp air and soft light of autumn mornings, but personally, I'd prefer to face them with a steaming cup of joe in hand and a toasty Twegen warming my legs.

Afghan season has officially arrived and I'm craving a double dose of coffee.

In Case You Missed It
Twegen, the pattern for this afghan, has been released.

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  1. Afghan season is my favorite season of all time! Lovely work as always.

  2. It really does look like coffee! Enjoy.

  3. Gorgeous looking Afghan, you make me want to have coffee!

  4. that is a great blanket. i love the colors. :)

  5. A beautiful Afghan. I love your colours they are so rich and warm.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.


  6. I love all those browns and tans together. Lovely.

  7. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


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