Sep 7, 2014

WIP | Coffee is Perking

The last time we talked about afghans, the current WIP was little more than a gleam in the eye.

My original intent was to test out a new concept, but for better or worse when it was time to cast on, I decided to revisit Twegen, with its reversible fluted rib stitch. Why? I simply couldn't resist the urge to see it in these warm neutral shades of Cotton Fleece.

Color-wise, the photos aren't particularly accurate because the camera and its hapless operator (me) can't quite capture the warm brown undertones. Each strip incorporates two shades for a tone-on-tone effect, and you'll have to trust me when I say the colors are richer and deeper than they appear here.

Strip 1 blends brownish black with gray brown.

Strip 2 combines gray brown with deep brown.

 Strip 3 mixes deep brown and medium brown.

Strip 4 features medium brown with cream.

Here in blog world, I've been preoccupied with the search for a Four Seasons replacement yarn and the fast and easy Oyster Bay shawl. In non-blog world, I was quietly working on this afghan, so all the strips have been completed, bound off and are ready to seam.

My method for seaming and edging is very easy, but I'm always happier with the results when I focus, work deliberately and take my time. The next few weeks are filled with deadlines and commitments, so these final stages may progress even more slowly than usual. And that's okay.

As eager as I am to see this come together, for now it's enough to know the coffee afghan is perking steadily in the background.

The pattern for this fast and easy reversible afghan, Twegen, has been released. 


  1. I love these earthy colours you've used. They look fabulous together and there's something very calming and comfortable about them. Perfect for an afghan :) I'm looking forward to the end result.

  2. I love this colour palette, there is something just so homely and comforting about it x

  3. I adore this! Who am I kidding? I love all your projects! This looks a quite cozy blanket to cuddle up under and I love the colors!

  4. Such pretty pictures. Nice knitting too. :-) I was just sitting here all bleary eyed scrolling through my reading list and out popped that first picture. LOL Who needs more coffee when there is yarn? Loving the way the different textures all go together so nicely. Can't wait to see the finished results.

  5. I think the colors go so well together! And it looks like it will be so pretty when finished!

  6. the colors look great together....I love seeing your creative process!!

  7. You are a wizard at this- beautiful patterns and combinations!

  8. All those coffee tones are fabulous, it's going to be gorgeous.

  9. Wow, those are all so sharp! Love it!

  10. I love how you combine the colors in the fluted rib pattern. Absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Sometimes the bigger projects are so soothing ... it's like they understand you're busy and wait patiently for you to get to them!

  12. I love all of those color options.


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