Dec 6, 2015

There's Still Time

Not long ago, I wrote about my simple holiday knitting plan.

It's working, but I can feel Santa's breath on the back of my neck silently urging me to knit faster. Since it's unlikely I will magically develop the speed that's eluded me all these years, I'm taking the next best approach. From now through the end of the holiday season, I'm focusing exclusively on simple, streamlined knits.

Here are just a few WIPs from the active lineup:

Christmas Trees. Luckily, the holiday theme this year is already pretty simple: Trees, trees and more trees. As you know, I'm working up a stack of ornaments, mug mats and placemats as decorations and small gifts. Two quick examples, in all their unblocked glory:

Mitts. In my world, it's impossible for anyone to have too many fingerless mitts, so a few new pairs are OTN or in the planning pipeline. This pair will complement my Dojeling Blackberry and Wineberry shawls:

Scarf. This particular scarf is exceptionally fast and easy. It's not a must-have, but if it's finished, I'll wear it Christmas Day, since my goddaughters get such a kick out of my ever-changing assortment of hand knits. There's a sparkly thread running through this that completely disappears on camera:

Afghan. I have an overwhelming desire to make Flashpoint or Breidan in holiday colors, but I'm resisting the urge with all my might. Instead, I'm focusing on the ones (yes, plural) already on the needles. They don't have to be done by Christmas, so they're respite projects when I need a break from those with more urgent deadlines. Here's one example:

Looking at this lineup gives me pause.

In an effort to stay on track, I have a few too many things on the needles, something that always makes me antsy. Couple that with some pressing real-life demands, and there's been very little knitting time in the past few weeks. It's clear in spite of my best efforts, I'm behind. It's likely there will be some last-minute knitting in my near future, but at the moment, I'm keeping the jitters at bay with this mantra:

There's still time.


  1. Haha, I get the same problem every year, and like you, never develop even more speed. Thanks for sharing on the Knitting Love Link Party.

  2. There's loads of time - if it makes you feel better I still haven't started the Christmas knitting - just the pre christmas birthday knitting!!

  3. Simple is key! I have the same pressure...and I decided I was only going to knit a couple gifts this year. I love those ornaments as well. I also have some fingerless mitts on my to finish list...let's hope they actually get finished. I am not a fast knitter...

  4. You'll be fine, the speed at which you churn out those beautiful afghans I can't imagine you'll have a problem with these things. I like the garter stitch Christmas trees, very simple but they look fab

  5. You still have time! And if you don't, well, you don't! Don't stress yourself out too much. :)

    And frankly, it doesn't even look like you need to block your trees! :) Super impressive

  6. You are going great and I love the trees! Hope Santander has sweet breath (scented with mince pies and whisky!)

  7. did I miss your tree pattern? Your trees are great ... you are a wonderful knitter and designer

    1. Thank you, Helen, for your kind comments and interest in the Christmas Trees. The pattern's in the works (truly!) but due to some "real life" demands, it's unlikely to be released before Christmas. Mea culpa.

    2. Barbara you know it's me -- "real life" can get stinky and complicated (ours is at present) but trees will be welcome at any time. Just had to let you know how much I love your designs and hopefully make you smile. You are the bestest!!!

    3. Of course I knew it was you, and it's lovely to see you here! Am sorry to hear things are bumpy in your world, too, but I hope they soon get resolved in a positive way. Meanwhile, thanks again for the smile and encouraging words. Take care, okay?

  8. Don't stress yourself out too much! My friends and family know to expect IOU's for knitted gifts. Just have fun and enjoy the knitting. Love those Christmas trees!

  9. Love the trees. Hope you can knit near your Christmas tree !


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