Feb 3, 2013

Mitts: How Many are Too Many?

When it comes to fingerless mitts, I’ve begun to wonder: How many are too many?

You see, I’ve cranked out a few pairs in the past few months. Ok, six pairs in three months if you insist on full disclosure.

Top row: ChrisMitts (twisted garter stripes)
Middle row:  Mystery Merino (twisted garter stripes)
Bottom row: Mismatched Mitts (red); SuperSimple (teal)

I've deliberately kept them super simple, and as a result, they have become my quick use-it-up project for odd-ball skeins and mystery yarn. (In round figures, each pair takes 100-180+ yards based on yarn weight, gauge, hand size and how long you make them.)

They’re all reversible, so there’s no wrong side. Slip them on and you’re ready to go. There are more than 15 immediate mix-and-match combinations (“right” side out; “wrong” side out; one of each), and far more if you get really creative.
My house is cool-ish and my office is cold. This means I start wearing mitts in early fall and wear them every day until late spring. When I want my hands free, I just pop my thumb out and wear them as a slouchy wristwarmer. The basic directions can be found here.

I have six new and two old pairs. So tell me: Where mitts are involved, how many are too many?




  1. AND -Saves money on Kleen-X

  2. I think you've reached "too many" mitts only when you run out of physical space in which to store them!

    So I say, keep mitting away as long as your heart desires.

  3. So true, Sava. I tend to corral my mitts in a moderately sized pottery bowl and it's overflowing.

    My knitter's logic tells me the only reasonable solution is to get a bigger bowl.

  4. Ahhh, I say there's no such number!

  5. Math isn't my strongest suit, Evelyn, but I'd say you're right.

  6. Agreed! No such thing as too many mitts. But must confess, I plan to cast on for yet another pair this weekend ...


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