Feb 8, 2013

Finding My People

I’m not a big joiner in real life or online, a fact I've mentioned before.

Sure, I belong to Ravelry, follow a few blogs and participate in the occasional KAL, usually with the lovely knitters of Project: Stash. I follow Woolly Thoughts, because they do interesting things such as geometrics and illusion knitting. But overall, I can be a bit of an introvert.

When I found the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry, it seemed like the ideal way to stay motivated and on track with my goals, since knitting from the stash is once again a priority. (Too little space? Too much yarn? We can have that discussion another day.)

One evening, I was following the Organized, Finally! thread. Everyone was sharing ideas for getting and staying organized and extolling the virtues of spreadsheets for tracking yarn, needles, projects and more.

I stopped in the middle of these exchanges to email a (non-knitter) friend: I have found my people!

Meanwhile, in the short time it took to dash off that message, another member posted a comment, saying the exact same thing (right down to the exclamation point). I couldn’t help but laugh.

Ravelry is overflowing with wonderful knitters, lovely patterns, great yarn, interesting threads, and delightful groups. All of this can be a bit overwhelming.

With Stash Knit Down, I think I've found my people.


  1. Like you, am not a joiner, but finding kindred spirits is part of what makes Ravelry and blogs like this so much fun. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Mary Jo and Anne. Sounds like I'm in good company.


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