Feb 13, 2013

WIP | Fiery Nimbus

My latest cardigan, the Fiery Nimbus, is growing gradually at best. (Yes, I'm a slow knitter. Why do you ask?)

One reason may be that I originally cast on for the No-Seam version. I quickly realized my planned modifications made that approach too complicated for my simple brain and current state of mind. So, I ripped it out and cast on again, using the original Nimbus pattern.

Since this photo was taken, I’ve added a few inches and am ready (or nearly ready) to begin decreasing to shape the arm holes and shoulders. I suspect I find that far more exciting than you do.

Pattern: Nimbus, by Berroco Design Team
Yarn: Korall, by Laines du Nord (bulky, 100% merino)
Needles: 10 US (6 mm)
Ravelry notes: Here

Extend the length significantly
Build in extra ease
Substitute seed stitch for garter
Modify the shawl collar construction
Add inseam pockets (maybe)

For many reasons, I've regarded the Korall as special or "shrine of the precious" yarn, as many Ravelers call it. Someday, I'll probably bore you with share those reasons. For now, let me say Korall is nice, and as the photo below shows, the color is a lovely, clear red with blue undertones.

Unfortunately, I’ve found knots in two of the three skeins I’ve used so far. When you’re dealing with pricey skeins of only 64 yards each, every inch of yarn starts to matter. It's possible those are the only knots in the entire batch, but we'll have to wait and see.

I tested the Russian or felted joining method, and while it worked, it seems too visible in this bulky weight yarn. I've never used that method before, so I'm hoping it will soften and disappear during blocking.

Of course, it's equally possible I'm simply being self-delusional.

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