Jan 3, 2014

FO | Last-Minute Cowl

The holidays here were enjoyable, jam-packed and hectic. They certainly flew by too quickly, but nonetheless, I managed to grab some knitting time. A few projects progressed. A few projects were tagged for the frog pond. A few others managed to make it over the finish line.

The short list of finishes includes this Last-Minute Cowl (neckwarmer), which is hot off the needles and unblocked.

It's the perfect width and height to wrap cozily around my neck or over a turtleneck. The stitch is cushy and accommodating, so I can stretch it for more coverage or scrunch it for a bit less. For now, I'm holding it closed with a snowflake pin, but I may add a different closure later.

It was a very fast knit, and like most of what I'm making right now, it's reversible. One side features small cables the other features a 2x2 rib. Clearly, I'm still having fun experimenting with this particular stitch, which is so versatile, it's hard to resist.

The Last-Minute Cowl is one of several made to complement my growing retinue of Last-Minute Mitts, and it matches this pair:

At this moment, this cowl-mitt set is my favorite, but that's subject to change. (I tend to favor whatever I've finished most recently.) That said, in this yarn, the pieces are light, warm and soft, which is a combination that makes them easy to wear and even easier to love.

Pattern | Last-Minute Cowl (my own simple design)
Yarn | Merino 2-Ply (Morehouse Farms)
Yardage | 100-110 yards (estimated)
Needles | US 9 (5.5)
Dimensions | 4 in x 22 in (unstretched)
Ravelry | Project Pages here and here

These recent projects helped me use up most of this yarn, which I purchased last year to make A Very Braidy Cowl as a gift for a friend. You can find that project here, and the notes on how to minimize cable flare here.

If you're a regular reader, you know my house is cool and my office is downright cold. As a result, I wear fingerless mitts every day for months on end, and it isn't unusual for me to don a small cowl or neckwarmer for added warmth indoors or as a layer of protection before braving the weather outdoors.

Translation: I see more cowls and mitts in my near future.

I hope your new year is off to a great start. I'll be back soon with more FOs and the ever-changing parade of WIPs along with a few other things I hope you'll enjoy.

It's Friday, so stop by Tami's Amis.


  1. Love the projects all, but that braid cowl is stunning!!

  2. There's really nothing better than a quick knit to satisfy our itching fingers! Lovely work, as always. xo

  3. You "last-minute" projects may be fast and easy, but they're also very polished and pretty. Love the fact that they're reversible, too!

  4. what a lovely cowl and I love the colour you used.


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