Nov 20, 2013

WIP | No Such Thing

Periodically in the past, I've been known to wonder out loud about the burning issues of the day: How many mitts are too many? How many cowls? Or scarves? Or sweaters? Or afghans?

Not only did you weather those moments with patience, many of you responded with calm certitude: "There's no such thing." It's taken me awhile to grasp this essential, but I've finally come to my senses. Or lost them, depending on your perspective.

It seems important to establish that frame of reference, because instead of waiting to accidentally tumble down a rabbit hole, I've chosen to seek one out, leap into it and relish the experience.

As a result, I've been off in my own little knitting wonderland, experimenting and knitting a variety of fast and easy things. Mitts have been the main attraction for the practical reason that they're warm and it's cold outside.

It's also cold in my office, so I wear my favorite thumb-less mitts all day, every day. If I need my hands free, I just pop my thumb out of the opening and wear them like wristlets or cuffs.

I also wear them when I knit, because they keep my hands warm, fingers flexible, and help prevent achiness and stiffness.

Earlier this year, I was wrestling with the eternal question, How many mitts are too many?

With your invaluable knitterly wisdom and support, I've discovered what you've known all along: There's no such thing.

It's WIP Wednesday, so check out the wonderful things at Frontier DreamsSmall Things and Tami's Amis.


  1. Amazing mitts! I think there's no such thing as too many mitts ;)

  2. I agree with you and Jazz. No such thing as too many mitts!

  3. PS: I'm going to try your "handy" tip and start wearing a pair of mitts when I knit. Sometimes after an intense bout of knitting, my hands and fingers start to ache, too.

  4. I am that way with shawls. I have now taken to trying to rotate them a bit more. But they get packed at the back of my armoire and I forget some!

  5. I love the mittens, the color looks great. I am like that with hats. One can never knit to many hats.

  6. According to my daughter all she needs is one pair. I don't agree. Now the question is who can I knit them for.


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