Nov 22, 2013

FO | Foggy Friday Mitts

It's a gray, foggy Friday morning, which is lovely and enticing. I want nothing more than to slide on a pair of mitts, grab a book or my knitting needles, and curl up under one of my afghans.

Since I'm working against multiple deadlines in the non-knitting world, that isn't going to happen.

In keeping with the foggy theme, however, I've completed two pairs of my gray mitts. The charcoal pair is fully done. The gray ones are seamed, but there are still ends to weave.

The charcoal mitt on my hand shows the cabled side, while the gray mitt on the needle shows the ribbed side. If the sun ever comes out, I'll try to photograph the finished mitts together so you can see them side by side.

For now, suffice it to say, I'm very pleased. I've completed two pairs of mitts in a very short period of time. The stripes are crisp on the cabled side and a pleasing dot-dash pattern on the ribbed side. In my world, that makes them reversible.

Both pairs also go nicely with the quick neckwarmer I managed to knit as well (more on that later). All of these items were knit from stash, so I'm not sure what makes me happier: How easy they are? How quickly they knit up? Or the fact that collectively, close to 300 yards have officially left the stash?

Wyndfael Mitts
Yarn: Softwist (Berroco)
Yardage: 90+ yards per pair
Needle: US 8 (5.0 mm)

This evening, I plan to don my foggy Friday mitts, grab my needles, snuggle under an afghan and start another pair. Because as we've all agreed, there's no such thing as too many mitts.

The Wyndfael Mitts pattern has been released!

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