Jan 1, 2014

Just for Today

Most days are filled to the brim with demands and expectations and family and friends and work to be done and deadlines to meet, but New Year's Day always has a special feeling. Each year, it serves as a critical pivot point, somehow separate from normal calendar constraints.

Just for today, it's not last year, but it's not quite next year either.

Just for today, opportunity abounds. Potential and promise fill the air. Exciting things are on the horizon.

Just for today, there's so much to look forward to, so many ideas to explore, so many things to knit, so many wonderful knitters to meet.

Just for today, time feels limitless and plentiful, something to relish and savor. That's precisely what I plan to do, and I hope the same holds true for you.

Happy New Year, one and all.

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