Aug 23, 2015

FO | Flashpoint Blue

There was a time when my entire stash and all my knitting needles and tools fit into one small drawer. There's no mystery behind that miracle: At the time I was a highly monogamous knitter, so I picked a pattern, chose the yarn and focused exclusively on that project until it was finished.

Those days are long gone.

It's difficult to define a specific turning point, but like so many other slippery slopes the shift was gradual. Suffice it to say, the evolution from one WIP to several on the needles or in the planning pipeline meant more patterns, more yarn and more needles. Perhaps some of you can relate.

And that, my friends, is how this yarn joined the stash.

The original intent was to use it for cowls, mitts and similar accessories, but as lovely as the yarn was, it simply wasn't soft enough for the projects I had in mind. In the end, multiple FOs and WIPs were frogged, and the yarn was rewound and returned to the stash where it languished for several years.

Then inspiration struck. I was working on the bright and bold version of Flashpoint when it occurred to me the same modular construction might work for this yarn if I adopted a multi-strand approach

Once the idea surfaced, I couldn't wait. I swatched, cast on and knit happily as the pile of modules grew.

The entire project moved at a rewarding pace: It took two weeks start to finish and came together so rapidly, only a few pictures were grabbed on the fly. 

I'll try to get better photos soon, but in the meantime I'm relishing the results.

I took a deep breath and slowed down long enough to weave ends with care so both sides are attractive.

Flashpoint | Blue & Cream 
Weight: Multi-stranded to approximate chunky/bulky
Yardage: 1125 yards
Needles: US 11 (8 mm)
Size: Square (approx. 32 x 32 ins)
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This stubborn stash yarn finally found its destiny. The slightly crisp fiber works beautifully in this simple design, giving the fabric a subtle handspun texture that's quite appealing. The turquoise is pretty on its own, but the cream takes it to a new level. As an added bonus, the wool-silk blend lends a subtle sheen and produces a fabric light enough to use year round.

As wonderful as these qualities are, one crucial fact needs to be mentioned: Flashpoint used nearly every last yard, so for all practical purposes this yarn is gone.

And that takes us back to the starting point. My stash no longer fits into one small drawer, but after years of dedicated stashbusting it once again lives comfortably in its designated cupboards. 

Afghans can claim much of the credit: They eat yarn. They're fast, fun and easy. They're a soothing knit at the end of a harried day. They're more than mildly addictive. And for me at least, they're clearly the ideal way to transform tenacious stash into something terrific and useful.

Color me blue, which in this instance is a very happy color indeed.



  1. LOL! My shirt wasnt gradual! All it took was my first Stitches Midwest!!!

  2. that blue and white together look so wonderful!

  3. I can relate very well and the yarn that joined your stash is very pretty.
    My stash lives in a trunk, a few baskets, a drawer. :)

  4. Made me smile, I can relate to having a very large stash. Love the blanket, great colour.

  5. Ah, the days of a small, manageable stash. Heh. I'm glad the yarn finally found a use - I really like the stripes.

  6. I agree that the cream really enhances the blue. I love these striped blankets you make. This one is going to be really wonderful.

  7. The cream really makes the blue pop doesn't it. Looking forward to seeing more of this design. Well done with the stash busting :)

  8. It beautiful and what a wonderful stash buster.

  9. I love that shade of blue. I don't think there's anything in my stash that color. Uh oh.

  10. Beautiful yarns. I love the afghan you are making.

  11. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what a particular yarn is meant to become. The afghan is beautiful. I never knit them; they seem to take forever!

  12. Beautiful blues! Thanks for sharing.


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