Jun 6, 2014

FO | Drumlin Afghan (Almost Neutral)

The almost neutral version of Drumlin is finished. Like the gemtone version, this was a fast and easy knit with my favorite features: a reversible stitch, strip construction and 100% from stash.

The knitting and assembly stages took five weeks start to finish, but because of all the preliminary test knitting and experimentation, my perception of time is a bit out of whack. As a result, I have to keep resisting the urge to add "finally" to the lead sentence.

The fluted ridge stitch is the same on both sides, which helps keep the focus on color and texture. (In the photo, you can see the reverse side of the stitch in the portion above the fold.)

In terms of color, it's difficult to overstate what a lovely shade of slate gray this is, although onscreen it tends to look more blue than it is in real life. Perversely the camera simply won't pick up the blue undertones in the red, so you'll have to trust me when I say it's a rich, saturated shade without a hint of orange.

You'll notice the red and cream strips are slimmer than the gray ones. This design decision was driven by one factor: It was the only way to get full-length strips out of the lone skein of mystery red and the partial skein of cream. 

The original plan featured a balanced approach (slate, cream, slate, red, slate), but during assembly I found placing the red and cream side by side helped both colors pop. It has an added amusement factor because this placement appears to drive the camera sensors crazy.

Drumlin Rversible Afghan
Yarn: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep); Mystery Red (unknown)
Weight: Worsted
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm) and US 9 (5.5 mm)
Sizes: SML (baby-lapghan-throw)
Ravelry Notes: Here
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The Drumlin Reversible Afghan pattern is now available. To read the description and buy the pattern, click here. (Remember, you can purchase patterns through Ravelry even if you're not a member.)


  1. Took a quick look at the gem tone version to refresh my memory. Both versions are great and you're right, the simple design lets the color and texture shine.

  2. I like the idea that it is the same back and front.

  3. So cool! I love the thought that went into this design. Great colors and the fact that it is reversible is very clever!

  4. Beautiful!!! Love reversible patterns and this one is no exception.

  5. Wow such a beautiful and elegant blanket
    Clare x

  6. That is a great blanket. I love the pattern.


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