Jun 4, 2014

Swatch this Space

As you know, I've been focused on finishing the almost neutral version of the Drumlin reversible afghan and diligently weaving ends in preparation for blocking.

In the background, I've also been rummaging through the stash, experimenting with colors, swatching and swatching some more. I won't bore you with all the permutations or countless test swatches that disappeared into the frog pond long before they made it past the tadpole stage.

Why? Because the more I rummaged, swatched and ripped, the more often I returned to study this:

Yep. It's the fluted ridge stitch. Sounds familiar, right?

Apparently, I'm ready to move on to the next project, but not quite ready to abandon this stitch. Attractive in two colors and reversible, it seems the ideal way to transform a stubborn handful of skeins into something practical ... and hopefully pretty.

Meanwhile, (s)watch this space. With luck and a bit of sunshine, I'll have FO pictures of the almost neutral Drumlin afghan on Friday.

This stitch is used in the Drumlin reversible afghan pattern and the equally reversible Graefen cloth and towel set, both of which are now available.


  1. Those colors look good together, and I like the stitch you are using.

  2. Hello

    Lovely colours and the stitch is very effective.

  3. What a cool stitch... is there a pattern that uses it? Could you share? I've never heard of it?

    1. To answer your question, Erin, yes, two of my patterns feature this stitch: Drumlin afghan and Graefen cloth and towel set.

      (Click the PATTERNS tab at the top of the page to see them.)


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