May 28, 2014

Non-Synchronized Knitting

For years, I've been an unwitting participant in a little-known Olympic event called Non-Synchronized Knitting.

While most Olympic sports require great prowess and skill, Non-Synchronized Knitting (NSK) can be pursued by anyone of any skill level. In fact, I'm a prime example. My abilities are comparatively modest, but I'm one of the world's foremost NSK practitioners.

Most Olympic events are categorized as either winter or summer sports. Such knit-picky details are irrelevant in NSK, because you can do it any time of year. (Again, I offer myself as proof.)

There's only one requirement: Your natural knitting inclinations and primary projects must be completely out of sync with the season.

If it's spring, you naturally want to knit something warm, woolly and ideally suited to fall.

If it's winter, you naturally want to knit something light and summery. If it's summer, you naturally want to knit an afghan, a bulky wool sweater, or both.

It's possible my current knitting list could put me in contention for an NSK bronze medal. The list looks like this:
  • Finish the almost-neutral version of the Drumlin afghan
  • Start a new afghan
  • Start a sweater (maybe)

I'm plugging away at the first task by diligently weaving ends. Realistically, there aren't that many, but I've learned to take my time and do it with care. It's difficult to tell, but progress has definitely been made.

Meanwhile I've been thinking: Why not go for the gold?

Perhaps I'll knit Christmas decorations in July.

For more fiber works, check out Frontier Dreams.


  1. Love the colours of the Afghan. Very Christmasy!!

  2. The joy of NSK is that when you get to different seasons, you do in fact have nice knitted items to decorate/cozy up in/frolic about in. You're really just being quite organized and staying a season ahead in your knitting!

  3. LOL!

    NSK makes a whole lot of sense tho... if you're able to finish these projects out of season, then you have a brand-new perfectly timed FO as the correct season approaches. ;-)

  4. Hahaha! I really like the blue, red, white and dark grey. :-)

  5. Can totally relate because once again, you've described me to a T.

  6. I'm cheering you on! You'll get it finished.


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