Mar 27, 2016

Loose Ends

My schedule has been pretty hectic lately, which like so many things in life is something of a mixed blessing. It's good to be busy, but it has its frustrations as well.

Since the start of the year there's been so little knitting time, I have yet to finish a major project. (Swatches, yes. Modules, yes. Projects, no.) Since I'm not a fast knitter, I strive to knit a little each day, and slowly but surely projects get done.

Lately, that hasn't been possible. By the time the workday wraps up, I'm lucky if two gasping gray cells remain. In practical terms, this means there have been entire weeks where I've not worked a single stitch, which for me is a rarity.

The result? There are several projects on the needles, but each one is in some state of half-doneness.

Alaris, my cape-poncho-shawl-wrap, is a good example. It's such a simple, fast knit, and yet there it sits, almost but not quite finished, waiting for me to find the time and brainpower to weave ends.

Now, we all know weaving ends isn't difficult. However, as a fan of knitwear I can grab, wrap and go, I want to preserve the reversible quality, so I'm taking my time and working with care to ensure both sides are presentable.

So that's the mission for the week: Weave one yarn tail each day until there are no more loose ends.

As goal-setting goes, it certainly isn't exciting or ambitious, but it's realistic and (hopefully) doable. If those assumptions prove true, my spring wrap might actually be ready to wear ... while it's still spring.

PS: Have a lovely day one and all, and a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

PPS: For those who've inquired about the pattern: It's been released.


  1. LOL! You've described my situation perfectly: Projects OTN, no time to knit. Frustrating, but that's how it goes sometimes!

  2. Wow that wrap is gorgeous and you are right to take your time finishing. Hope work eases for a while.

  3. That is going to be so worth it in the end to have such a versatile and great knit to wear!!!

  4. I love the colors you have chosen. I've always adored ponchos, but as of yet, I have not knitted any for myself. I have sewn one.

  5. Determination definitely gets us there in the end, it helps when it looks as gorgeous as it does! Did you make up the pattern, I've had plans for a poncho for ages.

  6. And with every end you weave in you're nearer to the finish!! The colours are so beautiful, it's going to be lovely to wear!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. You can do it a stitch at a time.

  8. I feel the same some days....I hope it goes smoothly, because that looks like something very cool to wear...

  9. Your poncho/wrap is beautiful! Do you have the pattern available? I love the "reversibleness" of it and the colors. Happy knitting (when you can). I wrote this blog when I was tucking in the loose ends of my College son's Mitts/Gloves-

  10. I am a big fan of breaking tasks down into tiny bite-sized pieces. It may be slow, but it is effective in the long run. Love the poncho!

  11. Patty/ btownknitterApril 02, 2016 1:13 AM

    I can relate. This next Friday I have an appointment for a cortisone shot in my hip and will have to spend the remainder of the weekend off my feet. I'm actually looking forward to it, not just for the hope of pain relief but for the hours and hours of knitting time I will have.

    1. Patty, we wish you all the best, both in pain relief and knitting time. Take care, ok?


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