May 25, 2014


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. In some parts of the country, it's also the official start of red, white and blue season. To acknowledge this fact, I finished this cloth this morning.

It goes well with my red, white and blue collection, including the heart coaster shown below.

From now through September, folks will be flying the American flag and hauling out all sorts of patriotic decorations to celebrate a series of summertime national holidays. These include:
Throughout the country, this weekend will be devoted to many things: Cookouts with family and friends. Community celebrations. Yard work.

Here in the heartland of America, it's also dedicated to honoring those who have fought or died to protect us and the freedoms we enjoy. To those who have served or are serving now, we thank you one and all.

The Sweet Hearts & Soft Spots pattern is now available.

In response to your questions: The photos show two separate cloths, one mitered square and one heart-shaped. Also, other red, white and blue holidays such as Veterans Day (November 11) are scattered  throughout the year, so one day soon, I'll issue a more comprehensive list.


  1. Beautiful. Love it folded into a heart

    1. Glad you like them.

      Sorry for the confusion, but there are two separate cloths (one square, one heart shaped). I'll add a note to the article.

  2. The heart shape photo is very clever. Is it the same cloth or one with similar colours?

    I often get confused over American holidays, actually I get confused over the different dates of our UK holidays... so I should really find myself a comprehensive list!

    1. Thanks, Sara. With so many national holidays (on both sides of the pond), it does get confusing, doesn't it?

      In response to your question: The photos show two separate cloths: one square, one heart shaped. (I'll add a clarification to the article.)

      Take care.


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