Nov 9, 2014

Little Big

Every now and then, I think it's possible I devote too much time to knitting.

There's more than enough in the pipeline: two active WIPs, several projects waiting to be cast on, a new pattern to finalize and several designs in the works.

Nonetheless, I'm also swatching and experimenting to test different stitches in various combinations. The reversible fluted ridge stitch is a good example. It's featured in the Drumlin afghan (Almost NeutralBright and Gem tones) and the Graefen towel set for one simple reason.

In solid colors, both sides look like this:

In closely related tone-on-tone colors, the stitch looks like this (front and back):

In high-contrast black and white, the stitch looks like this (front and back):

The photos leave much to be desired, but I chose them for a reason. They all feature the same stitch, same texture and same yarn, so the only variable is color.

Little changes. Big differences. Infinite possibilities. Which is precisely why we choose to knit.

This stitch is featured in two patterns:


  1. The beauty of colour x

  2. Very interesting what you can do playing with colour.

  3. Too much time knitting? Is there such a thing?
    I love the way you're playing with colors. I often with make the same pattern over and over just to see how it looks in different colors.

  4. Hi! Looks beautiful and I like all the possibilities! Lovely, simple photos. x Teje

  5. That's pretty cool! I knit to decompress...and because I like shiny things...

  6. That is really very fascinating!

  7. I always find it amazing how a color can change the look of the stitch.


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