Nov 17, 2014

Room to Spare

At one time, there was more Cotton Fleece in my stash than any other type of yarn.

It all started years ago with a wacky idea to make a multicolored sweater jacket featuring 24 different colors plus black. My sister and I laughingly called it the PMS sweater because the initial sketches resembled a Pantone Matching System color chart.

Once the idea took hold, I had to act. Since none of the local yarn stores stocked Cotton Fleece, it was all purchased online. Suffice it to say I ended up with lots and lots and lots of one-off skeins in my mission to acquire 24 colors that blended well in real life as opposed to onscreen.

Fast forward to late 2012. The body of the sweater was completed and sitting in the cupboard destined to be an eternal UFO, when inspiration struck. For me this project was more about “stitch and color” and less about “must make a sweater.” So ... the sweater became the Color Check afghan.

     Color Check has been featured on the Brown Sheep Company Facebook page.

The remaining full and partial skeins of Cotton Fleece evolved into a different sweater and an entire series of blankets, coasters, dish-spa cloths and whimsical knits.

After several years of diligent knitting, the once delightful and daunting array of Cotton Fleece has been reduced to this:

Yarn that once filled my largest tub to overflowing now fits neatly into a shoebox ... with a little room to spare.


  1. Wow! That is some WIP and completely beautiful!

  2. What a great idea! I love knitting with cotton - we are constantly in need of more dish clothes and coasters for soap! Looks like it is time for more shopping :-)

  3. a story with a very happy ending!!!!

  4. I love your Swafghan. You did a great job reducing your stash!

  5. Oh, my word, do I ever adore this swafghan! I cannot get over how simple the design is, yet how stunning and elegant it looks. And it's fun, to boot! Congratulations!


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