Nov 25, 2014

FYI | Drumlin Reversible Afghan is Coming

A number of you have inquired when the pattern for Drumlin would be released, so this is a quick heads-up to let you know that it should be available within a week.

Here are a few Drumlin highlights:
  • It's fast, easy and reversible.
  • It features strip construction and is highly portable.
  • The pattern is written for worsted weight yarn.
  • It's the ideal way to turn one-skein yarns into something cozy and useful.
  • It includes directions for three sizes (SML).
  • It incorporates a handy Quick Reference chart to make modifications easy.
  • It's simple enough for most moderately experienced beginners.

To anticipate your questions:
  • Yes, I'll let you know the moment the pattern is released. *See below.
  • Yes, there will be some special deals to add to the appeal. *See below.

The holidays are right around the corner. If I had to choose one afghan to make as a gift, it would be Drumlin. Why?

The fluted ridge stitch knits quickly, produces a completely reversible texture and is easy to memorize. These factors make Drumlin a remarkably speedy project: I can complete a compact version in about three to four weeks, which is astonishing since I'm a relatively slow knitter. If want to learn about Drumlin and it's versatility, you'll find more examples herehere and here.

If you simply must start an afghan today, consider Twegen. The look is similar and it too is fast, easy and reversible.

* UPDATE: Holiday Sale!
The Drumlin Reversible Afghan pattern has been released. To celebrate, you can buy Drumlin and buy Twegen at a special holiday price for a limited time.  (Remember, you can purchase patterns through Ravelry even if you're not a member.)


  1. Sounds fantastic - and looks lovely in those colours.

  2. Looking forward to your pattern's release!!

  3. It's lovely, I like the colours you're using

  4. Nice colors and interesting stitch - should make a cozy blanket!

  5. Great colors, it's a very attractive pattern, I like that the yarn color takes center stage

  6. I love the look of it....but I never have to start an afghan, and I've kind of sworn them off for now...I'm so much more an instant gratification crafter....


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