Apr 3, 2013

WIP | Touch Me Not

Well, this is unprecedented.

I have another WIP and it's neither red nor white. Plus, it's a scarf, not a dish or spa cloth. Are you as surprised as I am?

Reversible Cable Rib Scarf

Pattern: Improvised
Yarn: Touch Me, by Muench (Aran, rayon/wool)
Needles: 8 US (5 mm)
Ravelry notes: Here

In the good news department, I've made significant headway since this photo was taken, and with luck I may have this completed by the end of the week.

That last statement is far more important than you realize. This project has been nothing but headaches from the beginning.

Yes, Touch Me is tantalizingly soft. Period. Otherwise, it's a pain in the patootie to work with. But after approximately eleventy hundred test swatches, I can say with some certainty that very few stitch combinations work in this yarn.

After years (I kid you not) of swatching, ripping, knitting, ripping and swatching some more, I finally decided to try the reversible cable rib. (Yes, I'm still entranced by reversible stitch patterns.) It works, or more accurately it works well enough. Clearly, I've hit the point where I'm desperate to turn this never-ending WIP into a finished object.

Touch Me Yarn

As noted above, the yarn is challenging to work with. It has no elasticity, so I found it particularly difficult to achieve a regular stitch tension, which is evident in the photo. (Truthfully, I'm so excited by the prospect of getting this yarn out of the stash, I no longer care about niceties like stitch tension. Ok, I don't care as much as I might otherwise.)

Now let's talk about quality. Out of four skeins, one had a knot. Another contained a series of unconnected one- and two-yard pieces wound into the heart of the skein. This is not only inexcusable, it substantially reduced the usable yardage. Touch Me is much too costly for this type of shoddy production.

Which brings me to this point: Should I rename this project "Touch Me Not"?

Let me know what you think. Then, check out more WIPs at Tami's Amis.

FO | Taking the Plunge
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  1. Pretty! That's going to be a really luxurious scarf!

    1. Thank you, I think it will be quite luxurious.

  2. Lovely color!

    Here's my WIP:

    1. This shade of turquoise-blue is lovely, isn't it?

  3. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the yarn! Looking fab and loving the colour too..

  4. Barbara,
    I would love to send you a replacement amount of Touch Me for the damaged yarn. It does happen on occasion that the yarn machines go crazy and it does not get caught( or the people in the mill are lazy, and dont do anything about it) give me a call or Mail me at Info at muenchyarns dot com xoxo its beautiful and if you felt it it will be insanely yummy!

    1. Kirstin, what an unexpected but generous offer, one which is greatly appreciated. I'll email you.

      Have worked in business/manufacturing for years, so I do understand production problems sometimes occur. And you're right, Touch Me is lush and luscious.


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