Apr 2, 2013

Update 1 | Year of Projects 2013

It's good to have goals. But they're only meaningful if periodically we take time to measure progress against those goals.

In general, I'd like to end this year with less yarn in the stash and more FOs in closets and drawers. I'd also like my home, office and knitting space to be tidy, organized and functional, which means I have to keep plugging away on those tasks. (For the opposite of "tidy and organized," see Invaders from Planet Yarn.)

I set and track goals on an annual (calendar) basis for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that it's simply more convenient. Instead of monthly updates, I do them quarterly, so it's once again time to evaluate whether I'm on track and making progress in the right areas. The list below shows progress to date, and because I'm a person who loves to check things off,  completed tasks are crossed out.

What about you? Do you set knitting goals? What do you do to make sure you don't just set goals, you meet them? Share your tips and hints, and perhaps together, we can all have a successful, productive 2013.

Primary Goals: 2013
·     Knit primarily from stash: 100% So far
·     Destash yarn that no longer suits: Underway
·     Donate select surplus yarn: Done? Ongoing
·     Organize ALL yarn, patterns, etc: DONE for now
·     Blog at least 1x/week: 2013 Average = 2x/week
·     Focus on top priorities: Needs work
·     Keep it simple: Also needs work

Stashbuster Sweaters
·     Cash Vero: Searching for right pattern
·     Cotton Chenille: Added
·     Korall: Fiery Nimbus WIP 70%
·     Tajmahal: ZZZzzz

Stashbuster Projects
·     Cotton Fleece: Afghan 3 TBD
·     Four Seasons: Afghan 2 WIP; Dish & spa cloths
·     Lorna’s Laces
·     Richesse et Soie
·     Touch Me: WIP 40%

·     Special projects
·     Charity: Prayer Squares for Newtown 2013
·     UFOs to FOs: Color Check Afghan (aka Swafghan)
·     Work on photography skills: Underway

Sigma 13 
·     13 Skeins from pre-201315 Knit/donated
·     12 Swatches organized and labeled
·     11 Stitch/project swatches: 4 Done
·     10 FOs11 FOs (prayer squares, mitts, Swafghan, dishcloths, etc.)
·     9 Yarn bins organizedDone for now
·     8 Small items (hats, mitts, dishcloths, etc.)4 Mitts; 4 Dish/Spa cloths
·     7 Patterns from library: 3 WIPs
·     6 Rooms de-yarned and organizedDone for now
·     5 New techniquesDone
(double knitting; felted join; new slipped edge; inc/dec; weave)
·     4 Items for charityNewtown Squares 2013
·     3 Sweaters from stash: 1 WIP (Nimbus)
·     2 Languishing UFOs: 1 FO (Swafghan); 1 WIP (Nimbus)
·     1 Afghan/throwDone

Get & Stay Organized
Organize remaining stashReorganized again as part of Flash Your Stash
Organize/label swatches: Underway 
Organize printed patternsDone for now
Organize/capture project notesDone for now
(Added) Assign stash yarn to patterns/projects: 60% Done
(Added) Find home for gear (swift, wires, etc.): Done 
(Added) Stow all yarn except for WIPsDone for now


  1. My best tip: Write it down. For me, if I don't write it down, it won't get done.

  2. I love crossing things off. My trick to staying focused, make sure my goals are obtainable. If I set the bar too high I will fail to even try.

  3. If you go to my blog, you'll find links to some threads on Ravelry for monthly resolutions (I don't know how to put links in this comment). There is a growing number of us who are keeping track on a month-by-month basis. I've also got a Mr Linky in progress on the relevant posts! I love your goals though, I think they are fantastic.

  4. Noni, Delia, Corrie: Great suggestions for ways to stay on track, whether that's daily, weekly, monthly or annually.Thanks much, keep the ideas coming.

  5. Lots of cross offs! Organizing is a really difficult project for me..and I've accepted the fact that it just is going to be an ongoing project that never ends!

    1. You nailed it! Organizing is the ultimate never-ending project ...

    2. And PS: Crossing things off is the only thing that keeps me motivated and on track!

  6. My focus is really to keep from buying more yarn and to finish what I start. That's about as much as I can manage. Stating my goals on my blog seems to make me more committed to them - as if anyone reading my blog was likely to call me up on the carpet LOL!

    1. I find the same is true for me. Funny, isn't it, how motivating it is to put goals in writing and post them in public?


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