May 20, 2015

Colors of Summer

In the United States, red, white and blue are the unofficial colors of summer.

There are many patriotic holidays throughout the year, but three major ones define the season: Memorial Day signals the defacto start of summer, Independence Day marks the midpoint and Labor Day tags the transition to fall.

This confluence of celebrations (coupled with my own quirky nature) helps explain why I've worked for several years to slowly build a collection of coordinated RWB cloths, coasters and decorative items for summertime use.

The latest addition is this color-block heart. (Yes, it's from the Sweet Hearts & Soft Spots pattern.)
It helps round out this cluster:

It's a nice complement to these cloths (and the many others not shown, which we'll save for another day):
And it helps me believe (however delusionally) that no matter how small the item, if I continue to add to the RWB collection I might one day knit my way through this portion of the stash:

Summer has arrived in this corner of the world. How do we know? Once again, it's time to bring out the red, white and blue.

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  1. These are wonderful! You continue to amaze me with your clever creations and thoughtful insights. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Arbor day next year! So many holidays, so little yarn.

  2. I never tire of the red, white and blue combo! Thanks for sharing.


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