Jun 5, 2016

Why Make? Readers Reply

A few months ago, I was wrestling with the eternal question: Why do I feel compelled to knit? What makes this particular fiber art so fascinating? I shared 10 simple reasons that partially explain this unshakable compulsion, and you were kind enough to share your own insights. 

Here's what you had to say.

Some of you love the fact the fiber in your hands represents an unbroken thread that spans centuries to connect you with makers past, present and future:
MichelleI agree with so many points on your list, and would like to humbly add one of my own: I love the connection it gives me with women (and men) who throughout the last 500 years or so also picked up two (or four or five) needles to create something beautiful and keep their families warm. It taps into my love of history.

Some of you love the countless rewards of making, which range from finished objects and the powerful sense of accomplishment they bring to the strong connection that comes from being part of a making community: 
Laura ElizabethI love to be productive, to have something to do with my hands. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I make something beautiful. I love giving a handmade gift to a family member or friend. I also love the knitting community!

Some of you find keeping your hands busy fights the fidgets and helps you listen better:
JennyI read number 4 out to my boyfriend to reinforce that I AM still listening while knitting or crocheting. He laughed at me but I maintain I listen way better when I'm occupied with yarn.
Mimi @ Sweet SassafrasI identify with all these, especially 2 and 4. Knitting keeps me patient when teaching my children to read, especially. Great post! 


Some of you know fiber is the best therapy:
NecapricornSo many friends say, "Oh, I don't have the patience for that kind of thing." I tell them I don't have the patience to NOT! LOL

And some of you relish the mysterious alchemy that occurs when you pick up needles and fiber:
JennyI love that with two needles and some string I can make something useful and beautiful, it makes me feel like I'm doing magic!

The urge to make is a powerful motivator driven by forces great and small, practical and magical, tangible and ethereal. Often, we simply make because we must.

Feel free to chime in and add your voice to the conversation. From knitting and crochet to sewing, weaving, dying, quilting and beading, why do you feel compelled to make?

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  1. I have many reasons, but I think my main reason is to create something useful and needed. Also needle work invokes my need to explore color and shapes and to see how something comes together. My curiosity is kindled and away I go to see what will happen.

  2. I think I have so many reasons but mostly now it's because I can't imagine a life in which I don't make things!

  3. What an interesting question! I feel like it is important to know how to do things, and making is a big one - if I can produce even a fraction of what my family consumes, I am happy.

  4. Crocheting and knitting calms me. I turned back to crochet a few years ago when suffering from debilitating side effects from medication. I became calm and hopeful that I would return to good health. It took 6 months but my crocheting got me through.


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