Sep 23, 2018

9 Nifty Neutral Combos

Fall has officially arrived and with it we've experienced a tiny hint of cool-ish weather. I suppose it's natural, therefore, my thoughts have turned from the saturated colors of summer to the terrific tones of fall and soft, subtle shades of winter.

In other words, I've been obsessed with neutrals and the potential they offer. It's also interesting to see how, after a decade of greys dominating the neutral landscape, earth tones are enjoying a resurgence in design, decor and fashion.

So, whether you're seeking colors for a specific project or just in the mood for some yarn play, here are nine nifty neutral color combos to consider.

Cool Deep
Obsidian, basalt, slate

Cool Medium
Soapstone, bluestone, gravel

Cool Light
Shale, marble, quartzite

Cool Whisper
Concrete, mortar, quartz

Granite, travertine, cobblestone

Warm Deep
Granito, porphyry, twig

Warm Medium
Mascavo, dorado, fieldstone

Warm Light
Petra, dolomite, sand

Warm Whisper
Sandstone, limestone, cream onyx 

Any of these combos would be particularly effective worked as an ombre, gradient or fade, and I can easily see them as the basis for an interesting color block or striped effect. Neutrals are also especially useful if you knit for the men in your life, since in my experience, they're a perennial favorite with guys of all ages. 

Personally, I've long been a fan of mixed warm and cool neutrals, a passion that started as a preteen and continues to this day. In fact at one time, my entire wardrobe was built on shades of wheat, taupe, cream, grey and black, with only an occasional spark of color for interest. Today, black and deep coal are my neutrals of choice, coupled with bold flashes of color or softer neutrals in layered shades. 

All this talk of neutrals and their classic versatility has struck a chord. With two afghans in the near-FO stage and several potential projects competing for time and attention, I should follow my own advice and stay focused. Instead, I think I may break out a skein or three and work up some swatches in oatmeal, platinum or silver.


  1. Over her the color staple is blue denim in all shars of fadng. All the pet fur brushes off easily...or just enhances the relaxed, I just came from the barn look. Black, dark colors would never cut it, but they do accessorize easliy. And it makes dressing decisions sooo easy. Pop on a tee or a turtleneck with a cowl and, bam, you’re ready to go.
    I’m looking forward to your Herlacyn (sp?) blanket pattern. I’m intrigued.

    1. Over all shades of fading.
      I really do know how to spell. How to dress? Not so much.

    2. No worries, invariably I spot a typo half a second after I hit "publish" :)

      Herlacyn Breeze is in the background blocking and the pattern is almost ready to send to the tech editor, so hopefully it will be available soon!

  2. I love the thought that you put into your colour combinations. You are right, neutrals can look great together. Thanks for joining in Ginx Woolly Linx party this month.

    1. LOL: I can be a bit obsessive about these things, can't I? Thanks for stopping by and for sponsoring the linkups, Ginx.


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