Nov 21, 2012

Am I Blue?

This year, many of my projects seem to be blue: Aqua, pacific, navy, mist, turquoise, teal. Plus various shades of medium, sky, sea and plain old blue.

Psychologists stumbling across this blog or my Ravelry page might be inclined to wonder, why so much blue? It’s a legitimate question.

They might also be inclined to ask:
Is blue your favorite color? Nope.
OK, is teal your favorite color? Nope.
Are you depressed? Nope.

The answer is rather simple. I’ve been doing a fair amount of knitting for others. For better or worse, they all love blue, or look good in blue, or claim blue is their favorite color, or have blue eyes or … well, you get the point.

Here are just a few examples:

     Top: Flair sweater, Moore sweater, Valery hat
     Middle: Prayer shawl, Baby blanket, Braidy cowl
     Bottom: SuperSimple Mitts

The good news: All this blue and bluish knitting has depleted some stash.

The bad news: To complete many of these projects, I had to order more yarn.

Am I blue?

No, but I’ve been busted. I've been forced to confront one of my personal quirks: When I knit for others, I'll cheerfully indulge in new yarn, but when I knit for myself, I strive to use skeins from stash.

Making for others is fun and satisfying, but it's a slippery slope. I'm busily knit-knit-knitting, but the continuous inflow of fresh yarn is sabotaging my stashbusting efforts.

And that, my friends, does indeed make me a feel just a little bit blue.

For more on this topic, see Stashbusting? 3 Reasons to Buy More Yarn.

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