May 17, 2013

FO | Both Sides Now

It's been such a frantic week and I have so little knitting to show for it, I was going to skip FO Friday. Instead, I'll keep it short, sweet and simple.

I've been experimenting with the bamboo stitch, a lovely little thing. As a bonus, it's attractive on both sides, and the look varies depending on how you execute it. (More on that later.)

Let me cut to the chase, here's this week's rather unprepossessing finished object, the Bamboo dish (wash, face, baby, spa) cloth. I find both sides attractive, but that might just be me. What do you think?
Side 1
Side 2
Stitch: Bamboo
Yarn: Brilla (Filatura di Crosa)
Needle: 7 US (4.5 mm)
Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 post-blocking

There you have it, folks, both sides now. Have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend.

Meanwhile, there's some lovely knitting, crocheting and crafting going on, so swing by Tami's Amis for FO Friday.


  1. Looks nice on both sides to me. I like the texture which would be nice for a washcloth, though I've never heard of the stitch. Will have to make a note and look it up.

    1. It's a wonderfully simple, versatile stitch. Try it, you'll like it.

  2. I agree with Sandy, I like both sides and the texture looks perfect for washcloths. So ... can we look forward to a pattern soon?

    1. You're a troublemaker, aren't you?! It's possible I'll write up the pattern, hopefully soon, but my time is not my own right now. I guess that's the long way of saying, I'll try, but no promises, ok?


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