Sep 17, 2013

Finally Fashionable

Short, fitted jackets and sweaters have been The Look for women of all ages for quite a few years. This look is very attractive on many people, but it doesn’t work for me. I have a very long torso, which means the average short sweater or jacket fits more like a bolero than anything else. The minute I don such attire, I begin to resemble something akin to an organ grinder’s monkey. Or worse.

Is it fashionable? Yes. Is it becoming? No.

Luckily, I’m old enough to have passed through fashion deserts before, and those experiences have taught me several things:

1. I’m not fashionable.
Throughout the cropped and fitted phase, I've continued to wear my favored styles: Classic, tailored, hip-length jackets for work and loose, unstructured pieces for casual attire (like Moore Colors, right). Through the years, I've built up a stockpile in both categories. Some pieces were purchased and others were knitted or sewn. Regardless of origin, if I like a piece, I’ll keep it and wear it until it’s ready to fall apart. Literally.

2. I don’t care.
I'm not fashionable, and I don't care. Periodically, people will comment on my "unique sense of style" or "distinctive look." Most days, I choose to view such remarks as compliments. (Most days.)

3. It’s a matter of time. 
I've learned that if I wait long enough, the fashion scene inevitably rediscovers longer length sweaters, vests and jackets. This doesn’t mean I can walk into any store or open any knitting book and find something that appeals. In addition to my preference for longer lengths, I have a bit of a fiber fetish and opt for natural fibers whenever possible. Add up all the preferences (fiber, cut, construction, color, wearability, my passion for pockets), and the list of viable choices remains lean even in the best of times.
So, what’s my point? The fall fashion buzz is all about the fresh, new, never-before-seen unstructured sweater (or jacket) in longer lengths and sometimes natural fibers. This is a true bonanza and quite the unexpected gift. I’m hopeful I might be able to pick up a few patterns and some much-needed premade items to refresh my wardrobe now, while the getting is good.

Other than that, very little will change. I'll continue to wear unstructured hand knit sweaters and longer length jackets. I'll also continue to knit the loose, long sweaters I prefer. This year, however, there’s an added bonus.

I will for one brief nanosecond appear to be somewhat fashionable. Finally.


  1. sounds like this fall will be great for me too - long loose sweaters or unstructured knits? - totally my thing - I'm quite short so most of the short-sweaters fit like "almost" normal but not quite there yet - on me - and it looks just plain weird :D so I've always preferred longer clothes - yay! but I really don't care if it s fashionable or not...but yay! anyway! :D

    1. I'm with you, Jarka, longer works better for me. We're in luck this fall ... so we can be faintly fashionable together!

  2. Haha! Too funny. Besides, who cares if you're not in fashion if you look good and feel good in what you're wearing?
    I heard a quote once that said, "Fashion is a form of art so ugly it has to change every six months."

    1. LOVE that quote, thanks for sharing it, Christine. And you're right, if you look good/feel good in what you're wearing, that's the main thing, right?!

      (We can all be fashion rebels together.)

  3. Fashion is fleeting, but comfort and confidence is priceless.

  4. Fashion is fleeting, but comfort and confidence is priceless.

  5. Hahaha! Unique style. :-) This could be me.

    1. You're right, Babajeza! You have a lovely, unique style, I've seen some of your work on your blog.

      Feel free to join our fashion rebellion. We can all be "unique" together.

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