Jan 15, 2014

WIP | Possibility of Flurries

It's snowing. Again.

I'm not a big fan of winter, which many people find a bit odd since I clearly love to knit. In fact, every year without fail, I approach the season with one singular desire for the mildest winter ever recorded. This year is heading in the opposite direction. We've had a steady series of snowfalls since very early December, which perhaps explains why I was ready for winter to end before it officially began.

To keep up with Mother Nature while she bombards us with snow (and biting cold and wind and rain and relentless gray days), I've been knitting a flurry of compact, reversible things: Last-minute mitts. Last-minute cowls. Mug mats in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why? I'm working hard to keep things simple and to stay focused.

Like many others, I've been sorting, organizing and culling the stash. I want to finish my latest afghan before I start another big project. Plus, there are two large projects sitting in the frog pond clamoring for attention.

I also had some thinking to do and the sheer act of knitting (accompanied by lots and lots of coffee) is very conducive to that. As a result, these small, fast projects have been productive and fulfilling in unexpected ways.

So what's today's forecast? There's a possibility of snow flurries  ... accompanied by a flurry of easy, quick knits.

For more fast, easy knit patterns, click here.


  1. Charming! Looking forward to seeing more fast, easy knits.

  2. pretty squares, I am a lover of winter and so far I've been pleased with the snow totals. I do like the change of seasons as well.


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