Feb 15, 2015

COAT Weather

COAT weather has arrived, and no, I'm not talking about how cold it is or how much snow has accumulated on the ground.

I'm referring of course to the phenomenon known as "cast on all things" (COAT), a distracting but non-life-threatening condition that lurks in the shadows waiting to snare unwary knitters.

And snared I have been.

(Clockwise: cloth set; mitts; test swatches; cardigan)

Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I've been diligently swatching and casting on for all sorts of projects, so many in fact, I'm beginning to run out of the over-sized bowls I use to corral WIPs.

Some of the projects have a definite future, others are on much more tenuous ground, and let's not discuss those that aren't pictured. 

The real problem? The recent cluster of cast-ons contradicts my commitment to focus on one or two primary projects and finish them before I start more. Because my knitting time is limited, one smallish project coupled with one mid- to large project tends to offer the right mix.

Obviously, I'm way past that point. The problem is magnified by a flurry of designs that are on the drawing board and eager to leap on the needles. I've tried consoling myself with the reminder this happens to most of us at one time or another, and one day soon, I'll stumble across my misplaced ability to focus, which is undoubtedly buried in a snow bank, hiding under a pile of yarn or cowering in the stash cupboard.

Meanwhile, I've been eyeing this lovely Cash Vero and wondering if perhaps I should cast on a cardigan ...

It appears COAT weather might be here to stay. 

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  1. This explains so much! I'm right there with you!

  2. Oh dear! You might have to buy some new bowls. haha. I have been very good and am currently trying not to cast on anything new as I attempt to finish off a few larger projects. I say trying as I know my past record tends to lead very much in the COAT's direction. :-)

  3. COAT weather has hit here too! ): Thank goodness there's a term. I ended up crying over mittens (the thumb gusset isn't working on this pattern!) and now I'm working on a scarf with the only size 8 needles that I have... and, while I'm not complaining-complaining, the needles are longer than my forearm and complicated patterns (like the ones I like) are painful to knit. It's. Ugh. ):

    I should start something else. Right? /:

  4. I love that you keep each project in it's own bowl. Mine are in drawstring bags so I can't see them unless it's the project that I'm currently working on. I feel if they were in bowls I would knit one row of each and then move on to the next :)

  5. Coat weather is all about!! I love your bowls, mine are in bags hidden behind the sofa!!

  6. The bowls do look lovely. Mine are in plastic containers. I only bought six and that is all the unfinished projects I allow myself to have at once. Although I think COAT weather is here too (even though it is boiling hot and summer!) as I have managed to sneak two together in a few of the containers! Linking up to the finishing parties on Friday is actually helping me finish, as I want to have something to photograph!

  7. You definitely have lots of pretty things going on. Love those bowls.

  8. Everything looks so tidy in its little bowl, though! Casting on is pretty exciting.

  9. I had never heard it referred to as COAT. duh! Of course.


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