Feb 8, 2015

Not Lemonade

We all have our own methods for coping with life's little challenges. In my case, I'm wrestling with a range of issues that aren't particularly dramatic, but in combination they're doing a fine job of draining time, energy and brain power.

To counterbalance this effect, I've been focusing on quick, small knits and experimenting with different stitches, an activity I find strangely soothing and often surprising.

This variation on a mock rib is a good example. It's unprepossessing in solid colors ...

but it's unexpectedly attractive in two, a timely reminder that sometimes small changes make a big difference.

To test a different stitch, I cast on for another pair of simple mitts, a favorite go-to project when life gets complicated. In contrast to the last pair (luxe yarn, inviting colors), this pair personifies practicality.

The stitch is a variation on a 3x3 slipped rib. It's easy to work and fully reversible, and because it's serviceable rather than exciting, it's well-suited to a pair of workaday mitts.

The yarn is equally prosaic. The plum is a lone skein of Classic One Fifty (Classic Elite, discontinued) offset with scrap lengths of the attractive but annoying oatmeal Softwist (Berroco). Truthfully, I'll be happy to have both out of the stash.

Right about now, you're probably nodding off through sheer boredom. I should be too, but I'm not. This is precisely the type of knitting that appeals to me most at times like this.

Everyone has a different reaction when a load of lemons lands in their lap. Apparently I swatch and make mitts, not lemonade. What do you make?

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  1. Great question. In stressful periods, I tend to knit small things, too: coasters, dish cloths, spa cloths, cowls, hats ...

  2. I'm not sure what I knit... socks were easy for me (I turned my second heel in a crowded and loud room, while helping care for my 1 and 5 year old cousins, and it was successful!), but I don't want to use acrylic and wool can be expensive. I'm still looking for the perfect acrylic project, and until I can find it, I'll be experimenting. (: I hope life eases up for you!

  3. I knit baby clothes - simple and lovely. Look forward to seeing those mitts. I think they will look gorgeous - I love the plum colour.

  4. Buttons. When I'm stressed or overwhelmed, I make pottery buttons. It's therapeutic to me. Tiny little details, and nothing has to particularly match if I'm trying out new things. And if I break one or two while working, it's no big deal.

  5. When I'm stressed, I just want comfort knitting. Nothing that requires too much attention, something that will be a guaranteed success.

  6. When I am stressed, it doesn't matter what I am working on, just the sound so the needles clicking together soothes me.

  7. Good technique to deal with stress. I'm the kind of worrying person so next time I'll try this.

  8. I knit dishclothes, it was all I could knit before my daughter's wedding. Lol

  9. As long as it's not too complicated that works for me otherwise I make mistakes and then get stressed about that!

  10. I love all of your swatches. Sometimes those little projects are the best. My lemonade is always made out of handspun. It's good to have a calming process.


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