Feb 1, 2015

FO | Simple Kintra Mitts

Periodically, I go through phases where I rummage around seeking new-to-me stitches.

Whether I'm just in the mood to swatch (I do that sometimes) or have a specific project in mind, these expeditions are driven by three constants.  It will surprise you not at all to learn the ideal stitch must be:
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Attractive
A simple 3x3 slipped rib seemed to meet the basic criteria, so I made a quick swatch to pinpoint needle size and establish a working gauge. I also discovered two added attractions:  It handles stripes well and is fully reversible. (Most traditional rib combinations are reversible, but the same isn't always true for slipped rib stitches.)

With this enticing knowledge in hand, I decided to make another pair of quick Kintra mitts:

There's nothing extraordinary about them, but I'm quite pleased with the result. The black wool-cashmere blend (Baby Cashmerino) is exceptionally light, soft and warm, and it forms a nice contrast to the variegated Happy Feet.

Kintra Mitts Blackberry | Fast, Easy & Reversible
Yarns: Baby Cashmerino (Debbie Bliss); Happy Feet (Plymouth)
Yardage: 123 yards (+/-)
Weight: Sport/fingering
Needle: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Size: M

As an added bonus, the colors complement the Dojeling Blackberry shawl ...

and the Dojeling Wineberry wrap.

Every now and then, little things come together in a delightful way that exceeds the sum of the parts involved. These mitts were a good reminder that when life gets busy, simple truly does work best.

Happy Chinese New Year (Feb 4)! 


  1. Such beautiful projects - I love the new mitts, the colours are great.

  2. Great mitts! And I love that Blackberry shawl every time I see it!


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