Feb 4, 2018

FO | Colsie Lake Gradient Mitts

Over the holidays, I managed to finish another quick pair of  Colsie fingerless mitts, worked in a simple three-stage tonal gradient. I delayed this FO post, hoping to get better photos. But between cloudy skies and the demands of life and work, it just may not happen, so let's work with what we've got.

The mitts feature the super-delectable Grignasco Champagne in shades of lake, which is more green, and teal, which has decided blue tones. The colors are so closely related, it's a challenge to spot the transition, but the swatch below shows it best: 

The first section is lake, the last is teal, and the center portion features alternating stripes of both. This creates a subtle ombre effect that flows imperceptibly from green to blue-green to teal. As a result, the mitts go nicely with the Colsie Mirror Gradient Cowl-Scarf, which expands my wearing options.

Colsie Lake Gradient Mitts
Pattern: In development
Yarn: Champagne (Grignasco)
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Yardage: ~90 yards

This yarn is one of my favorites. It knits up beautifully and thanks to the superfine merino and silk blend, the fabric has a soft sheen and feels like a dream. Technically, the yarn hasn't been discontinued, but it's difficult to track down, so if you find some, grab it. 

With one afghan on the needles, another in the finishing stage and multiple patterns in the pipeline, there's plenty of knitting-related tasks clamoring for attention, so I'm off to see if I can make some headway on these other fronts.


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  1. Oh! I love these mitts! I really need to learn to knit mitts...I'm doing my first cowl soon so once I get better with knitting in the round, mitts are on my list.

    1. Thank you, Emily, I'm so glad you like them! You don't have to wait to make mitts, just do what I do, and work them flat then seam them : )

  2. The mitts! They are so pretty! I love fingerless mitts, and tend to wear them all winter (my hands are always cold). I do a pretty basic pattern though, I need to branch out!

    1. Thanks, Heather! My hands tend to get cold, too, so I do the same and wear them fall, winter and spring : )

  3. Nice finished mitts! I like the color and the ribbing pattern! I love knitting ribbed fingerless mitts, I just finished knitting a couple pairs, now I am hooked!

    1. Right there with you, since I'm completely hooked, too :)


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