Jan 14, 2018

Is This the One?

It's difficult to believe, but over the course of the past year, I've worked more than 25 swatches in an effort to find The Right Stitch for an afghan design that's been rattling around in my head and portfolio for several years. 

We all know I'm not a flashy knitter, but I can be a bit finicky. For this design, I wanted a stitch that created a fabric that was attractive on both sides (of course!). Something that offered a bit of texture and handled color well, but was still easy to work (naturally). Something that looked good in a wide range of yarn weights from sport to bulky. (Not all stitches handle such variances well.) 

Several times, I thought I'd found The One, but on further experimentation realized it wasn't quite right. I've shared a few of these with you in the past.

For a time, I was particularly enamored with the syncopated effect produced by this stitch combo.

In the end, it wasn't the best match for this project, but it will eventually find its way into another.

To date, I've knit way more than 200 yards in pursuit of that elusive creature, The Right Stitch, and it's possible I've finally landed on one that could work. The right side is attractive ...

and the back is, too.

Is this the one? Let me know what you think.



  1. Oh wow! I'm amazed by your patience (and the amount of yarn you've knit) in trying to find the best stitch pattern for this design! Now you've got me all curious to see it knitted up. :)

    1. Patience isn't my strongest suit, so I'm a bit amazed too : ) I've cast on and work is underway, so soon (comparatively speaking) we'll be able to see how it's working out!


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