Nov 22, 2015

Holiday Knitting: Forest or Trees?

Fall has arrived. The air is cool, the leaves are crunching underfoot and the last of the pumpkins are perched on porches signaling the final lead-up to Thanksgiving. To celebrate the season, I've pulled Twegen Harvest out of its summer storage drawer, and it's already seeing plenty of action.

In the spirit of a different season looming on the horizon, I've been busily making plans and working on pre-holiday preparations.

Several years ago I made a series of Christmas Tree prototypes, then life events intervened.

Recently, the time seemed right to revisit these designs and add some refinements. To accomplish that, I've been knitting trees in yarns ranging from DK to bulky weight ...

      (These colors are accurate.)

and sizes from small to large ...

in various colors and fibers from cotton-wool and chenille to pure merino.

In other words, if the yarn is green, red or white and it can't outrun me, it's fair game!

Periodically I look at the growing pile and think: Surely there's a holiday decorating theme hidden in this disarray ... 

I'll have to deal with that issue another day. At the moment, I can't see the forest for the trees.

Speaking of holidays, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you reside. There are so many things for which I'm grateful, including each and every one of you. Thank you!

The Christmas Tree pattern has been released!
To buy it now, click here.
To read more about it, click here.


  1. Lovely! These also look great for using up yarn scraps. Thanks for sharing on the Knitting Love Link Party.

  2. These are adorable! I've enjoyed peaking through your blog.

  3. Impressive, they would make great mobiles for a window.

  4. super cute trees! would look great on the real tree as ornaments!

  5. All those little trees are so cute and cheerful!

  6. I saw this trees and immediately saw a picture made from them.....they are all kinds of awesome..

  7. I have been knitting trees as well. Made some into a garland, will use some as ornament gifts and some as little package embellishments.


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