Jan 31, 2016

11 Rich Color Combos

As much as I love neutrals in all their infinite variety, when winter arrives I find myself reaching for cozy yarn dyed in deep, richly saturated shades.

This craving for color intensifies with each passing week, until right on schedule it reaches fever pitch in late January. In my experience, it's the best way to combat cabin fever and deal with the cold and gloom that characterizes winter in this region.

Just in case you feel the same, I thought I'd share some favorite combinations that deliver the color fix many of us need to weather winter in fiber fan style:

Black, red, purple

Aged pewter, merlot, old gold

Coral Sea
Aqua, coral, sand

Gemtones Deep
Sapphire, ruby, emerald

Gemtones Medium
Turquoise, amethyst, citrine

New Nautical
Deep navy, faded red, fog

Redheart, Fortune, Damson

Rainbow Deep
Currant, gold, forest, indigo, purple

Sage, coral, butter

Rosemary, chili pepper, mustard

Walnut, pumpkin, squash

This assortment contains perennial favorites and more current color profiles, but it doesn't come close to exhausting the full range of possibilities and variations. The combination below with its mix of medium and deep gemtones remains one of my all-time winter favorites:

     Drumlin Gemtones

Looking at these saturated shades speaks to a very real, very primal need. I'm eyebrow deep in knitting projects, and we all know I get a bit twitchy when there are too many things on the needles. So I'm fighting the urge to cast on something new and choosing instead to focus on active WIPs that feature soft, inviting yarns brimming with rich, vibrant color.


  1. That's a fab tool, thank you! That "warmth" combination is just calling to me!

    1. And by tool I mean collection. Sunday afternoon brain fog!

  2. I keep coming back to the new nautical - and I think I likes something similar in your baby versions - maybe that's going to be my colour combination for the year!

  3. Oh I love that sage combination! So pretty!

  4. The Burnished combination is calling to me. Unfortunately, I don't have anything close in the stash, so some new yarn may be joining the family in the near future!

  5. It's so hard to choose, but I (think) my favorite are the plums.


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