Jan 17, 2016

Maker's Monday

The Stash Knit Down group is one of my favorite Ravelry forums. Years ago, shortly after I first discovered it, I gleefully emailed a friend to say, "I've found my people!"

It was true then, and it's still true today. Then, I had realized it was time to wrangle the stash into submission and was seeking practical ways to translate that commitment into action. Today, the helpful, upbeat and non-judgey SKDers continue to play an important role in these ongoing efforts.

The group offers something for everyone, whether your goal is to knit solely from stash or you're seeking fun challenges, such as the new Me Made Monday thread launched this year by the talented and lovely moderator ToniS.

If you're not familiar with the premise, it's simple: Every Monday, wear something you've made, whether it's knit, crocheted, felted, spun, sewn, quilted, embroidered or woven. If you made it, it counts, and the same is true for beading, jewelry and more.

I can't speak for you, but it's easy to fall into a rut. Afghans are used daily in this household and I routinely wear my hand knit cowls, scarves, shawls and mitts. Meanwhile, there are knit cardigans and sweaters that only occasionally see daylight.

Me Made Monday has quickly become the nudge I need to remind me to use all the things I've worked so hard to make. If you're always making for others but your own handcrafted cupboard is bare, it's also a gentle hint to knit something just for yourself.

Today is Sunday, but thanks to Me Made Monday, I'm already devising a plan for tomorrow regarding which hand knits will find their way onto my hands, neck, shoulders and lap.

I don the Dojeling scarf and shawls so often, I thought I'd change things up. Right now, I'm leaning toward a cozy tweed sweater that's at least 25 years old, along with one of the neckwarmer-mitt sets shown. If I'm really on top of my game, I'll use a lapghan in a complementary color. One of these might do the trick:

We gush over the handwork of others, but we sometimes forget to celebrate our gifts as makers and make it a priority to regularly wear with pride and pleasure our own handmade pieces.

With this in mind, let's make a pact: From now through the end of the year, let's embrace Maker's Monday and every single week wear/use something we've made (or someone has made for us).

So tell me, what old favorite or new FO will be first on your list?

PS: Red won the day: Monday was very, very cold, so the heartwarming colors and heavier weight yarns in the red mitts, cowl and afghan were especially welcome.

PPS: Thanks to the Stash Down Me Made Monday thread, I've begun thinking ahead. Time to get some transitional spring-worthy knits on the needles!


  1. Great idea! My favorite FO to wear is the sample for my Thaden's Asymmetrical Shawl. It's in this beautiful Dream in Color Jilly Lace that matches most of my clothes. Thanks for sharing with the Knitting Love Link Party!

  2. Your timely reminder prompted me to wear my warmest fingerless mitts and a cozy shawl. (It's very cold here!)

  3. Well I've made a good start this week then, knitted socks, sweater, hat and fingerless gloves have all been worn today. Brr! I think it would get trickier in the warmer weather, if it's too hot for a lace shawl then I'm not sure what else I could wear.

    And yes, it's good to enjoy the things we've spent so much time on. I like the idea of Makers Monday

  4. Oh what a lovely prompt! I think most of my knits see the light of day fairly often and the quilts are in near constant use but I'm sure there's something lurking in a drawer that I should unearth!

  5. Those fingerless mitts are awesome! I am trying to finish up a pair for my mom. I pretty much wear mine every single day :-)

  6. I love that idea. I rarely wear the items I have so painstakingly made. I may have to adopt this. Your hand-mades are very pretty.

  7. GREAT challenge. I'd better get making :D


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