Jul 9, 2016

Pattern | Alaris Wrap

Fast, easy and reversible, Alaris is a versatile wrap packed with possibilities.

Clean lines and the reversible seed stitch make it a pleasure to wear: Just grab it and go, there's no need to fuss with right and wrong sides. Pop it over your head or toss it around your shoulders, either way, it's the perfect chill-chasing accessory.

Wear it any way that suits your style and mood:
  • Eager to face the day? Wear it square like a cape or ruana. 
  • Craving cozy comfort? Wrap it like a shawl or stole. 
  • Feeling trendy? Wear it angled like a poncho. 

In all its forms, Alaris, a word that alludes to angles and alacrity, lives up to its name. It features flattering lines, a reversible fabric lighter and more refined than garter stitch, and diamond-shaped panels you can scale up or down to reflect your preferences. 

From bright and bold to subtle and sophisticated, this adaptable design can be tailored to suit everyone from tweens and teens to adults of any age. Since the stitch and design are gender neutral, Alaris also suits guys who wear ponchos and wraps. 

Choose neutral shades for a classic go-everywhere cape, or rainbow colors for a cheerful poncho. Combine lightweight yarn and soft shades for a fresh summer wrap, warm earth tones for a cozy fall coverup, or two closely related colors for an attractive tone-on-tone or ombre effect.

The mitered panels are worked top down for maximum versatility and drape, and modular construction keeps your work compact and portable. 

This strategy also offers the luxury to work the panels and wait until assembly to choose your approach: Seam the panels closed for a slip-on poncho. Leave one open seam for a cape, ruana or shawl. Add a pin or closure and you can wear it all four ways.

A variety of factors add to the appeal. Quickly, the:

  • Mitered seed stitch is easy to execute and produces a reversible fabric with flattering lines and drape.
  • Colorwork is a cinch. Only one color is worked on a row, so you can create a solid, striped or color-block version with equal ease.
  • Panels are worked individually, so your project remains compact for knitting on the go. 
  • Modular approach means you can wait until the assembly stage to decide whether to seam it closed like a poncho, or leave it open like a cape, ruana, shawl or stole.
  • Pattern is simple enough for any moderately experienced beginner. Concise but complete, it includes schematics plus directions, yardage and dimensions for five sizes.
  • Quick Reference guide makes yardage calculations easy, and useful tips and tricks support knitters of all skill levels.
  • Yarn choice is yours. The version shown is worked in worsted weight, but the design adapts to everything from fingering to bulky weight, lends itself to multi-stranding, and accommodates virtually any fiber you might choose. 
  • Design is highly adaptable and offers unlimited potential. Opt for vivid or muted colors, adopt a tone-on-tone strategy, mix solid with variegated or speckled yarns, pair smooth and nubby textures, or add sparkle with a metallic blend.
Skill Level: 2 Easy
Yarn: Worsted weight
Shown: Cotton Fleece (Brown Sheep), RicRac (Blue Heron)
Needles: US 8 (5 mm)
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Yardage (approx.): XS: 475, S: 600, M: 725, L: 850, XL: 975 yards

The pattern includes directions for solid, striped and banded versions in five sizes, so you can work it as written, or modify it to suit your yarn and personal preferences. It also includes a helpful Quick Reference guide with yardage breakouts, schematics, tips and tricks, and quick modification ideas.

You're such talented and creative knitters, I'm truly looking forward to seeing your versions of Alaris. 

Whether you plan to cast on today or you're thinking ahead, you can buy the Alaris pattern and view the Ravelry description here. (Remember, you don't have to be a Ravelry member to buy patterns!)

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For more about Alaris, read FO: It's a Wrap.


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